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COMING SOON: Datsun Redi-GO AMT. Worthy to buy?

Yes! Coming soon is the Datsun Redi-GO AMT. Ready to launch in a couple of days on January 23.

Datsun Redi-GO AMT promises the comfort of an automatic car for daily city traffic. Powered by Datsun’s “Smart Drive Auto” AMT System, is this the car worthy to buy?

Here’s what we cover today about Datsun Redi-GO AMT

  • Smart Drive Auto
  • Price
  • Exterior Design
  • Interior Design
  • Specifications
  • Dimensions
  • Features
  • Competition
  • Mileage

As you know, automatic transmission was a luxury feature that was mostly offered with premium cars in India, up until a few years ago. There were hardly any models in the affordable car segment.

It all changed when Maruti Suzuki introduced the AMT a.k.a “Automated Manual Transmission” in the Indian market. It was Celerio in 2014. Well, actually AMT was only a pseudo automatic transmission. It is not essentially an automatic or a clutch-less gearbox. But, rather a manual transmission that is able to facilitate gear changes without the need to press the clutch. In fact, it uses a hydraulic actuator system and an electronic control unit that engages and disengages while executing gear shifts. Basically, it is just a kit that can be embedded to any regular manual transmission.

Anyway, AMTs were then offered in affordable price promising the convenience of a conventional automatic. Of course, the market response was well because with the increasing traffic in the cities, the demand for automatics grow across the segment range.

Datsun Redi-GO AMT

  1. Smart Drive Auto

Datsun has named its AMT unit as “Smart Drive Auto”. What’s exactly the difference with other system? Especially when we compare it to Kwid AMT that gets “Renault Easy-R System”? The differences are not only with the name.

The biggest difference is that the Datsun Redi-GO AMT is powered by a conventional shifter. There’s no a rotary dial. It uses a lever dial. Another key difference is the manual model. It will come handy when you want to overtake, or to go up-hill. This function gave a miss in the Kwid.

The other difference is unlike the Kwid AMT, Datsun Redi-GO AMT gets the ‘creep’ function. It allows the car to cruise at low speed (around 5-6 kmph) without the need to depress the accelerator. It is a smart feature to have a bumper to bumper traffic. In fact, there is a fancy name of its feature. It’s called “Rush Hour Mode”.

  1. Datsun Redi-GO AMT Price in India

The price of this model is likely to start at Rs 4 lakh and go all the way up to Rs 4.5 lakh.

  1. Datsun Redi GO AMT Exterior Design

    Datsun Redi-GO AMT 2

There’s a new design for the wheel caps. We will see some new decals as well. Except for AMT badge, actually there won’t be any big difference. It is done in the interest of a competitive price tag.

Basically, this car provides a good amalgam of practicality like what we get on a hatchback combined with the rugged stance of a crossover. What we can highlight is its short overhangs, strong twin character lines running along the side profile, and the crossover-ish stance. This car gets stylish headlamps along with Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) that add a touch of sophistication.

Shiro Nakamura, SVP and Chief Creative Officer, once said, “Although Datsun Redi-GO Concept is just a concept, it shows clearly the way we are thinking. It’s an ambitious styling exploration but, being a Datsun, it is a logical design, too.”

And he’s right. Redi-GO has turned out to be a really logical design. It’s not only distinctive and modern but also clean and robust.

  1. Datsun Redi-GO AMT Interior Design


Step inside and you’ll see that the cabin remains unchanged except for the new AMT gear level and its new audio system. The audio system is now featured with Bluetooth connectivity. It allows you to pair your phone with the car. It also enables hands-free calling and music streaming.

Another upgrade is the aircon vents that come with faux silver highlights. You’ll also notice a slightly fancy speedo console with a digital tachometer. The wheelbase of the car remains unchanged at 2348 mm so you still get the same legroom with the manual version. It is suitable for 4 average sized adults. The tall stance of the car gives good headroom, too. And don’t forget about the decent boot space of 222-litres.

The top-end S trim is the only one coming with a driver side airbag, central locking, remote key, three-point seatbelt for front and rear passengers, is available in both variants. Other than this, the new Datsun Redi-GO AMT gets optional black-red seat covers making the feel inside the cabin as slightly more interesting. You will also enjoy the gloss trim on the center console.

  1. Datsun Redi-GO AMT Specifications

Here are the new Datsun Redi-GO AMT specifications. This new car won’t get massive upgrade in the engine section. There is still the same 1.0 litre engine with manual transmission models. It is powered with a 999cc, 3-cylinder, petrol engine that is capable to churn a max power of 53 Bhp and a peak torque of 72 Nm. The diesel engine will produce 67 BHP and 91 Nm torque.

As you know, this new Redi-GO 1.0 is built on the same platform, the CMF-A Architecture build by Renault Nissan group. So, under the skin, both of the cars are essentially the same. One may think that the new Datsun Redi-GO AMT is same as the Kwid AMT, right? Well, not exactly.

It may have the same 5-speed AMT unit from the Kwid. The hardware also came from Bosch and the software to run it from FEV. But, the Japanese car manufacturer promises an entirely different driving experience.

The engine specifications are: 

Engine Type/ Displacement 1.0-litre, 3-cylinder, Petrol
Power 67 BHP
Torque 91 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 5-speed AMT (Automated Manual Transmission)
Mileage 22.5 KMPL

 This type has the same problem with the manual version of the Redi-GO. The gearshifts are not seamless and lack feedback. Even, we could hear gearshifts quite evidently. You can hear the sound of engine rumble while it’s not quite above 3,000 rpm yet. It points a finger to the NVH levels it has.

Of course there was a need for some low-end torque as well. But, once you are above the 2nd gear, and have crossed the 4,000 rpm mark, the power and torque gradually get into play. That’s when the Datsun Redi-GO AMT is in its zone. It’s fun and peppy driving actually.

Actually, when you try and hurry and floor the accelerator, the AMT takes some time to respond. And it comes with a very noticeable lag. This is where the manual mode comes to help. Just shift the lever to the left and now you are in manual mode. Just toggle it up and down to up-shift and down-shift.

In this manual mode, the car of course feels slightly more responsive. It allows you to maneuver more quickly. If you are accustomed with manual mode, don’t worry. You’ll hear a continuous beeping sound with an indication on the instrument cluster if you are not in the right gear.

  1. Datsun Redi-GO AMT Dimensions Datsun-RediGo-AMT a

There’s no change in the dimensions as you may have guessed. This new AMT model isn’t too big on the outside. But, there’s enough space on the inside. Thanks to its clever design. Redi-GO AMT has really enough high ground clearance of 185 mm. You know that the Hyundai Creta has a lower ground clearance of 180 mm.

The dimensions of the Datsun Redi-GO AMT are:

Length 3,429 mm
Width 1,560 mm
Height 1,541 mm
Wheelbase 2,348 mm
Turning Radius 4.73 m
Ground Clearance 185 mm
Boot Space 222-litres


  1. Datsun Redi-GO AMT Features

As Datsun’s budget-end offering, we should never expect it to come with a host of features to enhance convenience and comfort. The new 1.0 AMT model will come in the top-of-the-line S and T(O) trims. It means, it will get at least a hand cup of features. On the fully-loaded version, here’s a list of all the available features:

  • Chrome Grille
  • Power Steering
  • Black Interior
  • Driver’s side airbag
  • Central locking
  • Engine immobilizer
  • AIrcon
  • Music system with AUX and USB
  • DRLs
  • Body-colored Bumpers
  • Both side ORVMs
  • Body-colored Door Handles
  1. Datsun Redi-GO AMT Competition

The launch of this AMT variant, make Datsun Redi-GO AMT will rival the likes of Maruti Alto K10 AMT, Renault Kwid 1.0 AMT, and Hyundai Eon 1.0.

  1. Datsun Redi-GO AMT Mileage

Based on ARAI test, the new Redi-GO 1.0 is less fuel efficient than its 0.8 litre sibling.  As you know, the new Redi-GO 1.0 is pretty high on the fuel mileage front. The new AMT model is expected to have the same mileage figure.


Datsun has made the right decision by launching the AMT variant. It is a much needed addition to the Redi-GO series. It just eases the way we drive. There’s no pressure to get around the city traffic, too. That’s where the future is headed too.

Datsun Redi-GO AMT is a small and good looking car that gives you the comfort of an automatic for daily commute. It is worth to buy if you are looking for small car for daily use. As we all know, Datsun has started accepting pre-bookings for the car for paying Rs. 10,000 at the dealership.

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COMING SOON: Datsun Redi-GO AMT. Worthy to buy?
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