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Google Map Guide for Two Wheeler Drivers in India

There is good news from Google Map for two wheeler drivers in India.

Google Map guide is available to you now on the android application in India for two wheelers. It will be of great help to two wheeler drivers in the congested city roads where commuting through the traffic jams is a nightmare. Like the car owners who use Google Map guide to get alternate routes and short cuts to reach a destination, the two wheeler drivers can also enjoy the guide maps and save their travel time and fuel as well. This Google Maps feature is India specific presently and is expected to be introduced in other countries as well later.

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The two wheeler mode is available in the latest version of Google Maps (v9.67) and is in addition to the car, train, bus and cab mode. The two wheeler mode also comes with the voice assistance in navigation like with the car mode. The Google Map has introduced the two wheeler mode keeping in mind the large population using the two wheelers. Moreover, there are some narrow roads and streets which can only allow two wheelers to be accommodated. Even in some metros, bike taxis are also being planned and therefore the Google guide maps would be of great help to the two wheeler drivers.

The Google Map two wheeler modes will offer great time savings for the two wheeler drivers in service sector as well like fast food home delivery boys and courier service people and therefore it is expected to help the sector in increasing efficiency.


The Google Map feature also includes other important information like traffic jam conditions, parking information, possible road closures etc. on the way to the destinations. Since, India is the largest two wheeler market in the world, it is expected that the Google Map feature for two wheeler drivers would be used as a preferred navigation tool.

Just download the Google Map app on your android phone and enjoy the thrill of hassles free two wheeler drive on busy Indian roads.

Google Map Guide for Two Wheeler Drivers in India
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