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Guidelines for Foreigners Visiting Delhi | Do’s and don’ts in Delhi

Delhi is one of the most visited city in India by foreigners and Indians alike. People of Delhi are considered as large hearted. However, unfortunately not all people are good. So, there are some precautions that has and should be taken. Here is our post on Important Guidelines for Foreigners visiting Delhi.

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Important Guidelines for Foreigners Visiting Delhi


People are advised to keep their valuables in front pocket and never in their trouser or rear pockets. You should keep minimal cash and more number of debit/credit cards. All the valuables and important documents should be left in a safe deposit box. Articles such as  jewelry as well as passports and huge sum of money should not be kept in room.

You should beware of the unexpected people and never open your door to some unsolicited people or maintenance people. If you are having the doubts, then refer to the security personals asap. If you have planned up for meeting, then do an advance research and make sure that you are meeting in a public place such as a restaurant.

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One of the most significant facts is that luggage should be given only to known and reliable staff and they should have issued the receipt for the luggage. Make sure that you are not leaving any baggage on airport.
If you are experiencing any kind of problem, then feel free to contact with the “May I help you” counters
It is highly recommended that you should be going for a pre-paid taxi as it is comparatively safer.  One of the main reasons  for this is that it is being governed through Delhi Police.

You would be finding ample police officers who would be present in their proper uniform. In case, you find any material or element that is undesirable and then you cab report that to police officials. It is highly recommended that you should take care of all your valuable possessions and other materials with utmost care. Ensure to get familiar with the Visa guidelines and leave the country on appropriate timings. There are numerous police officers that would be present in the plain dress and they keep a check on all the activities around them.

Also make sure that you need to do firm planning of your India tour. Ensure that you are staying in right hotels and having the right tourist guides.

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In case, you are experiencing any sort of difficulty or you feel you are being followed by some unknown people, then feel free to dial the number 100 which is of the police. This is how you can have a great and safe tour of India. People are recommended that they should be strictly following all the Guidelines for Foreigners Visiting Delhi and this is how they can have a great time at Delhi.

Guidelines for Foreigners Visiting Delhi | Do’s and don’ts in Delhi
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