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Jeep Compass vs Jeep Renegade | Price, Specifications, Mileage Comparison

The Jeep Compass is perhaps the most awaited and exciting car as the present. With its launch the Compass will become the most affordable SUV from Jeep. The Compass will rival the likes of Hyundai Tucson. The Compass is a very exciting prospect in the small SUV segment. However, lets not forget that there’s another SUV that Jeep India is planning to launch. The SUV we are talking about is the Jeep Renegade. The Renegade would be a world class product despite being even cheaper than the Compass. So, we thought that it would be a good idea to compare the Compass with the Renegade. Here is our Jeep Compass vs Jeep Renegade comparison of price, specifications, mileage, dimensions and design .

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Jeep Compass vs Jeep Renegade

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Jeep Compass vs Jeep Renegade Comparison- Price

Jeep Compass Price₹ 20.00 lakh – 26.00 lakh*
Jeep Renegade₹ 12. lakh – 18.70 Lakh

As mentioned earlier, the Renegade will be priced a lot lesser than the Compass. The prices of the Compass are expected to start at ₹ 20.00 lakh roughly, while the entry-level Renegade would start at ₹ 12.00 lakh. It should be noted that these are not the final prices and are mere speculations . The official prices are not out yet. However, it would be safe to assume that the actual prices would be close to what we have mentioned. One thing is for sure that the Renegade would cost less than the Compass. So, the Jeep Renegade would become the cheapest SUV from Jeep.

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Jeep Compass vs Jeep Renegade Comparison- Specifications

SpecificationsJeep CompassJeep Renegade
Engine1.4-litre turbo petrol/2.0-litre turbo diesel1.6-litre turbo diesel
Power160 BHP/170 BHP
250 Nm/350 Nm
120 BHP
320 Nm
Transmission6-speed MT or 7-speed AT/6-speed MT or 9-speed AT6-speed MT

 The Compass will be offered in both petrol and diesel engine options. While the Renegade is expected to come with only one engine option. It is very likely that the India spec Renegade would share its engine with the S-Cross 1.6. This means it would likely get a 1.6-litre Turbo Diesel engine which pumps out 120 BHP of power  and 320 Nm of torque.  A 6-speed Manual Transmission system will take care of the transmission duties. Coming back to the Compass, it will come with a 1.4-litre Turbo petrol and a 2.0-litre Turbo Diesel engine.

Jeep Compass vs Jeep Renegade Comparison- Mileage

ModelMileage (petrol)Mileage (diesel)
Jeep Compass13-14 KMPL (MT)/12-13 KMPL (AT) (estimated)15-16 KMPL (MT)/14-15 KMPL (AT) (estimated)
Jeep Renegade-20 KMPL

Due to a smaller Diesel engine, the Jeep Renegade will clearly have the advantage here being more fuel efficient. So, when it comes to mileage, the Renegade would have a definite advantage here.

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Jeep Compass vs Jeep Renegade Comparison- Dimensions

DimensionsJeep CompassJeep Renegade
Length (mm)4,420 mm4,236 mm
Width (mm)1,820 mm1,880 mm
Height (mm)1,650 mm1,690 mm
Wheelbase (mm)2,640 mm2,570 mm

The Compass is a much bigger car than the Renegade. That said, the Renegade is a taller vehicle. So it would have an airier cabin.

Jeep Compass vs Jeep Renegade Comparison- Exterior Comparison

The  Jeep Compass has modern and masculine looks. With a typical Jeep face it looks more like a younger sibling of the Grand Cherokee.  The Compass looks perfect for a young SUV.  It’s design is sporty as well as bold. The compact dimensions give it a sleek look. The wraparound taillamps gives the car a touch of class to its looks. Overall the Jeep Compass looks perfect from all angles.


The Renegade gets a lot of design elements from its siblings. Jeep’s signature seven-slot front grille with the squarish box-design give it a typical Jeep look. It is also easy to notice the circular headlights, squarish tail-lamps, boxed out wheel arches as well as the prominent body cladding all around. The Design looks quite modern with the roof-rails, the glass-area on the sides and the rear.


Jeep Compass vs Jeep Renegade Comparison- Interior Comparison

The Jeep Compass has great interiors. It boasts of some high quality materials. At the center of the dashboard is a 7-inch UConnect system. The Compass has a three spoke steering wheel. The center of the dashboard has some well placed buttos. The steering wheel also has a thick rim. There is a Selec-Terrain drive mode selector just ahead of the gear shifter and occupies a good amount of space. Overall, the interiors look very classy and upmarket.


Talking about the Renegade, it offers a Uconnect infotainment system with a 5-inch or a 6.5-inch touchscreen display depending upon the region. The driver gets a 7-inch display unit which can be configured to double up as an instrument cluster. The Renegade offers a panoramic sunroof as well.  It will get a lot of customization options with the accessories as well. It is to be seen, how much of this will the India spec model get. The India spec model might not get the panoramic sunroof. It might  get a more conventional analogue dial setup for the instrument console


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Jeep Compass vs Jeep Renegade Comparison- Verdict

Price- The Jeep Compass is a higher segment SUV and thus is more expensive compared to the Renegade. For people looking to buy an entry level Jeep SUV, the Renegade is the best bet.

Specifications – The Jeep Compass comes with both diesel and petrol engine options. It also outputs more power and torque. Additionally, the Compass comes with a 9-speed Automatic Transmission in it’s Diesel engine variant.  The Renegade on the other hand would get its engine from the S-Cross 1.6.

Mileage – Due to the lower kerb weight and a smaller diesel engine, the Renegade would be more fuel efficient than the Jeep Compass.

Dimensions – As mentioned above, the Jeep Compass is a comparatively bigger vehicle. However, the Renegade is slightly taller making it more airier from the inside.

 Design – Both the cars look modern, sleek and masculine. However, the Jeep Compass has an edge over here. It looks much more classy and premium.  Even though looks are a matter of personal taste, it is very likely that one would prefer the Jeep Compass over the Renegade when it comes to looks.

Hope you liked our Jeep Compass vs Jeep Renegade Comparison.  Do let us know your views via the comments section below. Stay tuned to India Autoz for more on the Jeep Compass and Jeep Renegade. We will bring you the latest updates regarding the two SUVs from Jeep.

Jeep Compass vs Jeep Renegade | Price, Specifications, Mileage Comparison
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