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Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City- Price, Mileage, Specifications, Design, Ride Comparison

The Honda City has been the undisputed champion in the mid size sedan segment since the introduction of the Diesel version. This reiterates that diesel in India drives sales. Honda has always been successful in this segment. However the country’s  largest car manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki hadn’t been that successful in this segment. The SX4 and the Baleno didn’t do too well in the sales chart. However, things have changed since the introduction of the Ciaz. The mide size sedan- Maruti Ciaz has gone past the Honda City in terms of sales figures in the last few months. There’s still some time before the Ciaz can be declared a winner. Lets compare the Maruti Ciaz with the Honda City to how each of these fare against each other.

Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City Comparison.

Maruti Ciaz     vs                   Honda City

Price Comparison- Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City

Maruti CiazPetrolDiesel
VXi/VDiRs. 7.53 lakhsRs. 7.73 lakhs
VXi+/VDi+Rs. 8.12 lakhsRs. 8.28 lakhs
VXi+ ATRs. 9.29 lakhs-
ZXi/ZDiRs. 8.78 lakhsRs. 8.94 lakhs
ZXi ATRs. 9.94 lakhs-
ZXi+/ZDi+Rs. 9.34 lakhsRs. 9.55 lakhs
ZXi+RS /ZDi+ RSRs. 9.48 lakhsRs. 9.64 lakhs
Honda City Petrol Diesel
ERs. 8.22 lakhsRs. 9.44 lakhs
SRs. 8.90 lakhsRs. 10.10 lakhs
SVRs. 9.43 lakhsRs. 10.56 lakhs
SV CVTRs. 10.51 lakhs-
VRs. 9.99 lakhs Rs. 11.23 lakhs
VXRs. 11.04 lakhsRs. 12.24 lakhs
VX CVTRs. 12.17 lakhs-
VX (O)Rs. 11.36 lakhsRs. 12.55 lakhs

All prices are ex-showroom, Navi Mumbai

When it comes to price, the Maruti Ciaz is much cheaper than the Honda City. In fact the top end model of the Maruti Ciaz is almost Rs 3 lakh cheaper than the top end model of the Honda City. We can conclude that the Maruti Ciaz is the winner when it comes to pricing. Its a complete value for money car.

Mileage Comparison- Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City

ModelMileage (ARAI-certified)
Maruti Ciaz20.73 KMPL (Petrol), 28.09 KMPL (Diesel)
Honda City17.80 KMPL (Petrol), 26 KMPL (Diesel)

When it comes to mileage the  Ciaz is really a very fuel efficient car. The Petrol model gives upto 20.73 Km/Ltr of mileage with Manual Transmission while its automatic petrol version returns a mileage of 19.2 Km/Ltr. The diesel model returns a mileage of 28.09 Km/Ltr making it the most fuel efficient car in the country.

On the other hand, the Honda City gives a mileage of upto 17.80 KMPL with the petrol manual and 18 KMPL with the  petrol automatic. The Honda City Diesel returns a mileage of upto 26 Km/Ltr.

So, even when it comes to mileage the Maruti Ciaz is the clear winner here.

Specification Comparison- Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City

Maruti CiazHonda City
1372cc Petrol/1248cc Diesel1497cc i-VTEC Petrol/ 1498cc i-DTEC Diesel
91 bhp/89 bhp117 bhp/99 bhp
130 Nm/200 Nm145 Nm/200 Nm
Petrol MT- 20.73 KMPL
Petrol AT- 19.12 KMPL
Diesel MT- 26.21 KMPL
Petrol MT- 17.8 KMPL
Petrol AT- 18 KMPL
Diesel MT- 26 KMPL
5 speed manual/5 speed manual/4 speed Automatic (only petrol)5 speed Manual/6 speed manual/CVT(only petrol)

Since all the diesel variants of the Ciaz comes with SHVS mild Hybrid technology as standard, they return a high mileage.

Clearly the Honda City has more power than the Maruti Ciaz. However due to the technological advancement of  power delivery and gearing on the Maruti Ciaz,  the difference is not evident when it comes to on-road performance. The diesel Maruti Ciaz also does a quicker 0-100 Km/hr than the Honda City. SO we can safely declare the Maruti Ciaz the winner here.

Design Comparison- Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City

Although looks and design is something that depends on the individuals taste and the liking differs from person to person, I would still compare the design of the Maruti Ciaz vs the Honda City to the best of my ability.


Maruti Ciaz exteriors

The Maruti Ciaz has a  contemporary three box shape which makes it look big and gives it nice presence on the road. The projector headlamps gives the car a clean and neat neat. Whiloe the chrome added to the grille looks perfect. It seems that the designers of the Maruti Ciaz have played it safe, with the boldest feature of the exterior being the rear bumper black inserts for the reflectors.

Honda City Exteriors


On the other hand, the looks and design of the Honda City are in complete contrast.  The car looks stylish with bold lines and a flowing design that gives pleasure to the eyes. The headlamps look  really nice. Though the chrome slab on the front grille is looks too bold. However, we know Indian car buyers are in love with chrome. Due to the identical tail lamps, the Maruti Ciaz and the Honda City look similar from the rear. When it  comes to  proportionate looks, the Maruti Ciaz has an edge with 16 inch wheels compared to the Honda City, whose 15 inch tires look a tad undersized.


The designs of the two cars- Maruti Ciaz and the Honda City are in contrast not just on the exteriors but also on the interiors. The  Maruti Ciaz has elegant and simple interiors which looks fabulous. The Honda City’s interiors also look classy. The City has black interiors with sliver and piano black elements. On the  other hand the Ciaz has black and beige combination interiors which look premium. The red engine start/stop button  and the touch screen panel for the climate control offered in the City look awesome and goes well with the interiors. The Ciaz has a 50mm longer wheelbase and hence is more spacious. It wouldn’t be wrong to quote that both the cars have less headroom.

Honda City Interiors
Honda City Interiors
Maruti Ciaz Interiors
Maruti Ciaz Interiors

As a personal choice, I would say the Honda City looks much more sleek than the Honda City. So just on the basis of personal choice, I would say that the Honda City is a winner here.

Ride & Handling Comparison- Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City

The Ciaz performs better on high speed and seems more stable and in control on highways.  On the other hand the City might tend to pitch and roll a little bit. The Ciaz also has comparatively better cabin insulation. Also the suspension operates silently . The Honda City, has a sharper steering that provides more feedback. While the Honda City is better on cornering, the Maruti Ciaz does well while on a straight line.

When it comes to features, both the cars are fully loaded enough to make the buyer happy and content. Both the cars have steering-mounted audio and telephone buttons, rear-view cameras,  leather seats, climate control, rear air-con vents, , touchscreens, keyless entry and dual airbags. Apart from these features, the Ciaz also features an on-board satellite navigation which is not present in the City. However, the top end model of the  City features  cruise control, a sunroof and paddle shifters for the automatic variant.

Both cars are identical in terms of features offered except that City can boast of the  cruise control and the sunroof. Due to these two features, the City is marginally ahead of the Ciaz on this front.

Sales Comparison- Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City

June 2016July 2016Aug' 2016Sept' 2016Oct' 2016Nov' 2016
Maruti Ciaz280051626214654463605433
Honda City358143174255585563782658

Over 5,000 units of the Maruti Ciaz are sold every month, while the Honda City’s monthly sales average has dipped to below 4,000 units often. And this is in spite of the City’s reputation. The immense success of the Ciaz is primarily the trust Maruti has built over the years and of course its frugal engines, spacious cabin and the the obvious lower price. Even then over 2 lakh fourth generation Honda City have been sold in India. Now with the Ciaz gaining popularity, the City seems to be losing out the battle to the Maruti Ciaz. Taking about figures, Maruti has sold 25,066 units of the Ciaz, as compared to Honda’s sale of  21,251  units of the City, in the April to August period in 2016. As shown above in the table, the number of Maruti Ciaz units that were sold in November 2016 was more than double that of the City.

The Final Verdict- Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City

There is a very close fight between the Maruti Ciaz and Honda City. Both cars being equally good, it is very hard to pick one winner. Keeping the looks aside, and judging solely on figures, I would declare the Maruti Ciaz as winner. Other reason being its low price, Maruti’s better after sales service and the value for money the Ciaz offers.

Hope you liked the comparison and the article clarified any doubts you had. Stay tuned top indiaautoz.in for more such comparisons.  Do comment your questions and feedback below.

Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City- Price, Mileage, Specifications, Design, Ride Comparison
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