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Scooty Under 40000 in India | Top electric scooters under 40000 in India

In a budget conscious country like India, people want to buy vehicles which are cheap to buy as well as have low cost of running. Electric scooters are a highly economical. Here we have prepared the list of 6 Best Scooty below 40000 in India. The scooters mentioned below are the top rated electric scooters in the market under this range. They offer a comfortable ride and good features. It is interesting that the sales of scooters are leaving behind the sales of motorbikes in India. So, here is our list of top scooters in India under 40,000

Best Scooty under 40000 in India

6) Hero Electric Optima

Price- Rs 34,960


Fine performance and great design are the best part of the Hero Electric Optima. Its price is 34, 960 in the Indian market and the curb weight is 82kgs. It also has triangular blinkers on the front and bright headlights in front. Top speed achieved is 25 km/hr. Hero Optima offers enough comfort for a great ride along with drum brakes on each side. Kick start option is available in starting mechanism with automatic clutch. Halogen bulb is used in headlight and tail light.

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5) Lohia Oma Star Li

Price- Rs 37,973


Coming up the line is Lohia Oma Star Li which is India’s first lithium battery scooter. It takes 3hours to completely charge the battery and it can offer a 60km ride on full charge. Its main benefit is drum brakes on both sides and the stylish alloy wheels along with ergonomic seats. This comes with a price tag of Rs 49,960.

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4) Indus Yo Electron ER

Price- Rs 37,653


This is another good choice for a Scooty. 6 to 8 hours are required to fully charge the battery. It has lightweight design and  a curb weight of 81 kgs. Drum units are used in both front and rear brakes and analog speedometer are used. Under seat storage space and mobile charging points are also provided. Yo comes in five colors.

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3) Palatino Sunshine

Price- Rs 38,248


Tubeless tires, drum brakes, alloy wheels and 48V VRLA battery are some features of the Platino Sunshine. It offers a long ride once the battery is completely charged which takes around 6 to 8 hours.

2) Palatino Princess

Price- Rs 38,252


This is a variant of above mentioned Plantino Sunshine and comes on 2nd number in our list. Top speed is 25 km per hour. Tubeless tires, drum brakes are some good features of this scooter.  However, it offers ride only for one person. The scooter also has 48V VRLA battery

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1) Hero Electric Wave

Price- Rs 39,390


This scooter also offers a seating capacity of one person only like Palatino Princess. This offers a ride of 100 km on a full charge which takes time of six to eight hours. Comes with 33Ah battery with tubeless tires and drum brakes. Analog speedometer, odometer, and mobile charging pin are also provided in this model.

Alloy wheels are used for better safety and complete charging time is to be given like all another scooter. The price range of this scooter is Rs 39,390.

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Hope you liked this article and found it informative. Do let us know your views via the comments section below. Stay tuned to India Autoz for more such stories.

Scooty Under 40000 in India | Top electric scooters under 40000 in India
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