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Skoda Kodiaq vs Volkswagen Tiguan | Price, Mileage, Features

After the launch of the new Tiguan, the arrival of the Skoda Kodiaq 7-seater SUV has taken place in India finally. Both SUVs are built on a common platform and are most likely to get the same engine options as well. That said, there are a lot of differences between the two cars. So here is our Skoda Kodiaq vs Volkswagen Tiguan comparison of price, mileage, specifications, design and more.

Skoda Kodiaq vs Volkswagen Tiguan Comparison


Skoda Kodiaq vs Volkswagen Tiguan Comparison- Price

Skoda KodiaqRs. 34.49 Lakh
Volkswagen TiguanRs. 27.98 lakh – 31.38 Lakh

The new Skoda Tiguan is available in only one variant. It has an ex-showroom price of Rs 34.49 lakh. So at this price, the new 7-seater SUV is  costlier than the Tiguan. However, the Kodiaq would definitely be able to justify the higher price tag through a slightly with more seats, more powerful engine and more seats. It  also has a slightly higher list of features. The Kodiaq gets a 4 year warranty as well as a 4 year roadside assistance standard. At  an additional cost of Rs 59.9k, customers can purchase a 4 year maintenance package as well.

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Skoda Kodiaq vs Volkswagen Tiguan Comparison- Specification

Skoda Kodiaq (expected)Volkswagen Tiguan
Engine Type/ Displacement2.0 L TDI Diesel2.0 L TDI Diesel
Power150 PS143 PS
Torque 350 Nm340 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox)7-speed DSG Automatic7-speed DSG Automatic

Both the SUVs in question here are powered by a 2.0 L TDI diesel engine. That said, there is a slight difference in specifications.  A 7-speed DSG and AWD are on offer with both the SUVs. But, the Kodiaq gets a slightly more powerful engine. The Tiguan offers  143 PS-340 Nm, while the latest Skoda SUV offers 150 PS-350 Nm. It should be noted that the Kodiaq is a bigger and a heavier model.


Skoda Kodiaq vs Volkswagen Tiguan Comparison- Mileage

Skoda KodiaqVolkswagen Tiguan
Mileage16-17 KMPL17.06 KMPL (claimed)

Because both the crossovers get the same 2.0 L diesel engine, the claimed fuel efficiency figures could also be similar. That said, the Kodiaq is bit bigger and heavier, which may cause it to be slightly less fuel efficient.

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Skoda Kodiaq Images

Skoda Kodiaq images

Skoda Kodiaq vs Volkswagen Tiguan Comparison -Dimensions

Length4700 mm4486 mm
Width1910 mm1839 mm
Height1680 mm1672 mm
Wheelbase2790 mm2677 mm

The Skoda Kodiaq is significantly bigger than the Volkswagen Tiguan. Even though both the SUVs are based on Volkswagen’s MQB platform there is a big difference.  The Kodiaq has 3 rows of seats and therefore, is much longer. The Kodiaq is wider than the Tiguan and also boasts of a longer wheelbase. So, the Kodiaq is a clear winner here.

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Volkswagen Tiguan Images

Volkswagen Tiguan Images

Skoda Kodiaq vs Volkswagen Tiguan Comparison- Verdict

It is very clear that both products are equally premium. No doubt there are many similarities, but there are enough difference that sets these two apart. The most significant difference is the amount of space on offer. Kodiaq offers space for for 6-7 passengers while the Tiguan has space for 5 passengers only.

  • Price – The Tiguan is a lot cheaper then the Kodiaq. However the Kodiaq is much larger and offers more seats.
  • Specifications – Both SUVs come are powered by a 2.0 L TDI diesel with a 7-speed DSG. That said, the Kodiaq  is slightly more powerful than the Tiguan.
  • Design – The Tiguan and Kodiaq both offer typical European styling that too with clean straight lines.Looks and design comes down to personal taste at the end of the day.
  • Features – Both the cars are equally  loaded with features. So, there won’t be a clear winner here.

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So what are your views on our Skoda Kodiaq vs Volkswagen Tiguan comparison ? Do let us know your views on how these two upcoming SUVs in India compare against each other in the comments section below.

Skoda Kodiaq vs Volkswagen Tiguan | Price, Mileage, Features
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