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How to start an automobile blog | Make money with a car blog

Blogging for many is not considered a job. Most of the bloggers work from home and are not considered productive. However, there is no limit a blogger can earn right from the comfort from their home. And the investment is very little. One such niche which has a great potential is an automobile blog.  Let’s get to know more about how to go about a car or an automobile blog.

Let’s be honest here. Blogging is not a bed of roses and requires hell let of patience to make your first dollar. However, with patience a blogger can generate a lot of revenue. From a mere Rs 50,000 to anything above 3-4 lakhs/month. Isn’t it great? Now let’s see how to start a car blog, what are the prerequisites and knowledge.

First thing first- you need to have good writing skills and for that you should have excellent communication skills when it comes to the language.

Second- You need a lot of patience. Even if you are burning mid night oil you might not see the results straight away.

Third- You need to have basic knowledge and interest in your niche. Automobiles over here.

Now let’sl learn how to start a car blog.

  1. Buy a domain from Go Daddy, Big Rock or any other domain seller
  2. Go for a free hosting initially like https://byet.host/free-hosting. If you don’t have enough knowledge of hosting ask a friend. It;s not rocket science.
  3. Install a CMS. WordPress is the most commonly used and simple Content Management System.
  4. Go right ahead and start writing your first blog.
  5. Make as much as genuine backlinks for your website. Backlinks are links that point towards your blog. The more backlinks you have the higher is your ranking in search engines. And the more likely you are going to get traffic.
  6. Once you have a decent number of articles on your blog and good traffic. Apply for Google AdSense. Adsense displays ads on you website and you get paid for the number of clicks. Don’t underestimate the power of AdSense. It can make you a millionaire.
  7. Never click on your ads. Nor ask someone to click on any of your ads. Google is actually smarter than you.
  8. Here is a video on how to apply for Google Adsense

So, this was how you can start a blog o automobiles and become a millionaires. Hope you liked the article. Do, let us know your queries and questions in the comments section below.

How to start an automobile blog | Make money with a car blog
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