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Tata Power Installs it’s first Electric Vehicle Charging station at Vokhroli, Mumbai

India is eyeing for all electric car-fleet by 2030 with intent to lower fuel import bill and running cost of the vehicles. This was confirmed by the power minister Piyush Goyal while addressing the CII Annual Session 2017 in New Delhi recently.  To support the governments ambitious goal and to create the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the country, Tata Power, the India’s largest integrated power company has installed their first electric vehicle charging station at Tata Power Receiving station at Vikhroli in Mumbai. The chargers would facilitate electric car users to charge their electric cars such as Mahindra e2o, Nisan Leaf etc. at any time safely and conveniently. The chargers will facilitate monitoring of battery charging status as well as the units consumed in charging a car. The company is already in the process of discussions with various stakeholders to build smart network of charging stations at various locations in Mumbai and to make it easier for people to adapt to electric vehicles and be future ready.

The largest selling electric cars Mahindra e2o, along with a barrage of electric scooters, bikes and eRikshaws are making quite a buzz in the market for few years. The owners of these cars and bikes are generally using their personal battery chargers at their homes to charge the discharged batteries. Mass charging stations are presently not available in cities. Tata Power becomes the first company to tap this demand by installing a battery charging station at Vikhroli in Mumbai. Another power sector giant and country’s biggest power generator, NTPC Ltd. is already seeking permissions from government of India to enter the electric vehicle charging business across the country.

In addition to Mahindra & Mahindra, the companies like Hyundai, Tata Motor, Maruti Suzuki are also looking towards introducing electric cars in the country. The state-owned Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) has invited global bids for 10,000 electric sedans that will run up to 150 km on a single charge for use by government departments. These vehicles will be supported by around 400 charging stations at different locations in Delhi-NCR and are expected to be  deployed by central PSUs, NTPC and PowerGrid Corporation. These initiatives are aimed towards fulfilling the power minister, Piyush Goyal’s dream of having only electric cars on Indian streets by 2030.

The thrust of Indian power producers to make available electric vehicle charging infrastructure is sure to give enough impetus to electric car manufacturing industries in the country.


Tata Power Installs it’s first Electric Vehicle Charging station at Vokhroli, Mumbai
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  1. Good article.

    Tata Power has also plans to set up EV charging stations in Delhi. It will have an edge in the area as the company already have power distribution network in parts of Delhi. Other players in Delhi could be the state owned PSUs like NTPC and Power Grid Corporation.

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