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10 Indian Car Trends in 2018; From Touchscreen to the Fall of Diesel Era

2017 has been a great year for Indian automotive market. We have witnessed a lot of new trends such as fuel-efficient vehicles, affordable hatchbacks, and much more. Now as we are already in 2018, the New Year is going to keep the up trends at an accelerated pace like never before.

In this article we bring for you the 10 Indian car trends in 2018; from touchscreen to the fall of diesel era that will make Indian market “crazy”.

Let us start from number 10 trend.

Indian Car Trends no. 10 – Smartphone Connectivity

Smartphone Connectivity

With the advent of the Smartphone technology, many car makers have already started offering Android Auto and Apple CarPlay Smartphone connectivity options. How is it beneficial for drivers? This technology will give you easier, safer, and richer user interface.


Based on the market report, India buyer is quite quick to adapt to the new technology. We will also see the new Smartphone based connectivity provided voice command options. The voice command will also catch up in 2018. 

Indian Car Trends no. 9 – No More Bull Bars

No More Bull Bars

Based on the police records, bull bars cause harm to the pedestrians and also alter the crash impact of a vehicle. That’s why the government of India has decided to make the roads a safer place and ban the use of bull bars. They are taking strict actions against the aftermarket bull bars. You will see cops have already started taking action against such vehicles. In 2018, we will see a much lower number of vehicles with bull bars. Bye bye…..! 

Indian Car Trends no. 8 – LED Headlamps

LED Headlamps

It is unavoidable. Even the cheap motorcycles are now offering the full-LED headlamps systems. The trend will be much stronger in 2018. You know, LED headlamps used to be exclusive to the high-end and premium vehicles. But now, the affordable car segment is not being left behind and they have made their way into it. In 2018, we will see a lot more vehicles with full LED headlamps offering much better illumination. The nights will be brighter.

Indian Car Trends no. 7 – LED DRLs


DRLs (day time running lamps) currently are mandatory for all the two-wheelers in India. While on foreign countries, the DRLS are mandatory for all kind of vehicles. That’s why; Indian car maker started incorporating them for aesthetics and practicality purpose. The reason is simple. DRLs add a very brawny look to the car and it also helps others to spot the vehicle much more easily. This 2018, we will see the trend enters the affordable segment vehicles. 

Indian Car Trends no. 6 – The Fall of Diesels

diesel vehicle

The refinement of petrol powered vehicles becomes the major factors why people prefer the volatile fuel over the sticky one. You know, diesel engines have started feeling the heat and in 2017, only 23% buyers opted for diesel-powered hatchbacks.

There will be further decrease this year as the price difference between diesel and petrol fuel has been narrowing down. Not only the refinement of petrol powered cars, we see another factor that makes diesel is getting less popular; the ‘Electric Cars’.

Indian Car Trends no. 5 – Electric Car: The Beginning

Electric Car

The trend towards the electric cars is gradually picking up. ‘Drive Clean-Drive Green’ is the new motto. Government of India has assigned the task to Niti Ayog, the planning body to frame policies regarding electric vehicles. The impetus for the electric has already begun when the government of India has ordered 10,000 EVs for use by various ministries. Many companies are also charting out the plans to build battery charging and other related infrastructure required. It is going to rise further. In 2018, we will see the beginning of an electric era. You can check next 2018 Auto Expo. A lot of manufacturers will showcase their electric vehicles. There will be more participants and more choices in the green car segment. The movement has been driven by the Indian government’s signals to make India an electric-vehicle exclusive nation by 2030.

Indian Car Trends no. 4 – Micro SUVs

Micro SUVs

This is one of the fastest growing segments in India. This year, we are going to see car makers entering the highly competitive segments with their latest products. You already know that Mahindra and Hyundai have plans to launch sub 4-meter compact SUVs in Indian market this year. In 2018, we probably see other car manufacturers jumping the bandwagon soon.

Indian Car Trends no.3 – Active Safety Features


As you read in the news, Indian government has made it mandatory for all the four wheelers to have active safety features like seat belt reminders, speed alert systems, and rear parking sensors start from July 2019. Manufacturers are expected to put all these features in all the new cars before the deadline arrives. Not only seat belt, even the driver side airbag has been made mandatory among other features.

Moreover, keeping in view the rising rate of road accidents, the Bharat New Vehicle safety Assessment Program (BNVSAP) is also being proposed by government of India which is expected to be implemented in phases. Accordingly, all new vehicles sold in India will need to comply with the government’s New Car Assessment Program.

Indian Car Trends no 2 – Standard Safety Features

Active Safety Features

While basic safety features are not yet mandatory in India, car makers have started offering it like airbags and ABS as standard. Many car manufacturers have also started equipping the vehicles with ISOFIX child seat hooks as standard in their vehicles too. We may see more manufacturers will follow this trend in 2018 because competitive marketing offers will force more manufacturers to put the basic ABS and airbags as standard in their products.

Indian Car Trends no. 1 – Touchscreen Infotainment Systems

Touchscreen Infotainment Systems

Right now, touchscreen-based technology is getting more affordable. That’s why more and more vehicle manufacturers are offering it. Touch sensitive infotainment system will give you an easier interface and adds a much better feel to the cabin. In 2018, we will see the trends getting stronger with even affordable cars having touchscreen infotainment systems.

So, that’s 10 Trends that will rock Indian Car Market. Aren’t you excited?

Stay tuned India Autoz for more reviews, news and views.

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