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5 Best Automatic Hatchbacks | Best automatic hatchbacks under 5 lakhs

The world is changing with the advancement of technology but still, it is difficult for us to live peacefully and comfortably. The life in metros is full of hustle and bustle that adversely affect us as an individual. The never ending jams on road in metro cities is always a big problem and this certainly affects the life of our vehicle due to the regular strain on clutch, gearbox and other internal parts of a car. Car companies are constantly trying to sort out this problem by introducing new innovative technologies for the well being of your vehicle. Automatic Hatchback cars are being launched for their revolutionary and trouble-free design. These automatic cars work manual gear changes and provides a hassle free drive . A few years ago, these types of technology came only in premium segment cars and buying these cars was out of the reach of a common man because they are highly priced. Nowadays, due to the advancement of technology, a number of affordable automatic transmission cars are available in Indian market and within our reach.

 5 Best Automatic Transmission Cars In India Under 5 lakhs

We are sharing details of the best affordable hatchback cars that have Automatic Gear Shift Transmission available.So, here is our take on 5 best automatic transmission cars in India under 5 lakhs.

Tata Nano XMA

Tata Nano

Tata launched this small car to cater to the needs of a common man in India with the starting price tag of Rs One lakh. But this car advanced very quickly and now the updated version i.e. new Tata Nano GenX XMA has become a top class automatic car. It is a stylish and compact city car  and has latest features like Easy Shift (AMA) for creamy gear shifting. The car provides a fuel efficiency of 21.9 kmpl and has a 24-litre fuel tank. It is equipped with 624cc twin cylinder engine which churns out power of 51n and max torque of 38bhp. This car also contains independent suspension system and provides you a comfortable ride in heavy traffic conditions. This inexpensive small entry level hatchback with Automatic gear shift technology comes in the price range of Rs 1.99 lakh to 3 lakhs.

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Alto K10 AGS

Alto K10 AGS

Maruti has always been good in providing us the best hatchback cars in an affordable price range. Alto is one of its car that is one of the highest selling cars in Indian market. Now the car has got exciting features to retain its place. The Auto Gear Shift(AGS) in the Alto K10 makes the car a more popular choice. This automatic gearbox provides smooth and convenient drive. The car is equipped with new improved  3 cylinders 998cc engine that produces 67bhp power with an excellent mileage of 24.7kmpl and price range of the car starts from Rs 3.90 to 4.06 lakhs. This car is an excellent performer in the aspect of the engine and automatic transmission handling.

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Celerio AT

Celerio AT

This is another outstanding Maruti Car in this list that also comes with  Auto Gear Shift Technology. The car comes with basic uncomplicated design along with a combination of fuel efficiency and ease of maintainance. The car comes with a price tag of Rs 3.9 lakh to 4.96 lakh with superb mileage of 21kmpl. It is equiped with a 3 cylinders 998cc engine that generate 67bhp of power and 90nm of torque for a peppy ride. You can experience a hassle free ride in the neck to neck traffic conditions. The car is definitely a boon for those who are looking for a trendy  Automatic Transmission hatchback.

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Grand i10 AT

Grand i10 AT

The Grand i10 is a perfect car that can fulfill all your requirements in one go and scores well in almost all departments. The car is roomy, stylish, affordable as well as powerful. It has a 3 cylinder engine that can generate 71PS of power and peak torque of 160 Nm. The automatic transmission of the car is smooth enough to enhance your driving pleasure. Being trendy and aerodynamic, it has ergonomically seats for more comfort along with sufficient amount of boot space. Hyundai has always set industry benchmarks by providing new technologies in their cars as they initiate Gear Shift Indicator to increase the mileage of your vehicle. The classy interiors and safety features are given in the car make Grand i10 AT a great choice.

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Honda Brio AT

Honda Brio AT

Honda is a popular Japanese brand that makes cars with a passion. In every segment, they have amazing cars built with the latest technology and superb designs. Brio hatchback is another masterpiece of Honda that is equipped with 1.2-litre i-VTEC(Intelligent Variable Valve Timing Electronic Lift Control) technology helps in improving performance and also leads to low maintenance. It has a 1198cc , 4 cylinder engine that provides you a mileage of 19kmpl. The car comes with numerous safety features that won several recognitions for its high-quality ride. Brio is a dynamic car and never let you down. The car is one of the best Automatic Transmission Hatchback of India.

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Hope you liked our article on best automatic cars in India under 5 lakhs. Stay tuned to India Autoz for more such articles. Do let us know your views via the comments section below.

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