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5 Mandatory documents to carry while driving a two-wheeler in India

As law-abiding citizens of India, it is our duty and responsibility to drive our two-wheelers on the Indian roads with due respect to the laws. If you are the proud owner of a two-wheeler or even if you have a hand-down second-hand vehicle, as long as you are riding a two-wheeler in India, there are certain mandatory documents you must always carry in hand.

5 Mandatory documents to carry while driving a two-wheeler in India

If you don’t have these documents, it is illegal to drive in Indian roads. So unless you dust up your registration certificates and retrieve your pollution certificate be ready to pay the fine slapped on you.

1. Registration certificate:  Registration Certificate or RC book is a certificate that proves your vehicle has been registered under the Indian Government. It details the unique registration number with which your bike will be identified, make, model, the person under whose name the two-wheeler is registered etc. This is an important document you must have while riding your vehicle.

 2. Two-wheeler insurance policy:  Two- wheeler insurance policy is another important mandatory document that you must carry with you while riding your two-wheeler. You might be either having a hardcopy or you might have purchased your Bike Insurance online. Make sure you take a print-out of this soft copy.

3. Driver’s License: You cannot drive on Indian roads without a valid driver’s licence. Your driver’s license details the type of vehicle you are authorised to drive along with your name, address and blood group. If you hold only a license to drive a four-wheeler and if you are caught driving a two-wheeler, you will still be slapped with a fine.

4. Pollution Under Control (PuC) certificate: Pollution Certificate (PUC) proves that the emissions from your vehicle are within the stipulated norms. To get this certificate, your vehicle must be subjected to a PuC test. Once when your two-wheeler has successfully undergone the test, you will be provided with a pollution certificate.

5. Authorisation paper for RC: If you have bought a second-hand bike, then you must have an authorisation paper from the owner detailing the transfer of ownership of the vehicle to its present owner.

If you weren’t aware of these mandatory documents, make sure now that you carry this around with you so that you will not be implicated when caught. 

If you are caught driving without a licence or a registration certificate then you will be fined Rs.5000/-,  without an insurance it will be Rs.2000/-. 

For repeated offences, you will be fined Rs.4000/- for driving without an insurance and Rs.10,000/- for driving without RC.

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