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From Audi, BMW, Lexus, to Rolls Royce, Here are 8 Luxury Sedans to be launched in 2018

India has a fast growing luxury cars segment. In 2016, Mercedes sold 13,231 units, Audi sold 7800, BMW 7861 unit, and Volvo “only” 1584 BUT it equals +11% growths. Audi aims to become number 1 again. In 2017, Audi launched almost 10 cars. Overall, the expected growth for 2018 is expected to reach a whopping figure of 42%.

No wonder another exclusive car manufacturer like Lamborghini is bringing their latest model to India within months of its global launch. SUV is now has the biggest market share, but there is also huge market for the sedans.

So, here are 8 luxury sedans to be launched in 2018 in India. Go through this list so you will have the best choice.

  1. Mercedes-Benz C-Class Facelift


The new C-Class has been spied million times internationally. It should be launched on the global market in early of next year. The facelift version will arrive in India soon after. Along with the nips and tucks on the outside. It also gets a light revamp inside as well.

Here are some differences with previous version.

  • Transmission

The 2018 version have 9G tronic 9-speed automatic while the previous one has 7-speed automatic. The new transmission system offers a smoother, sprotier, and smarter driving experience.  It also improved acceleration. The new model is able to reach 60 mp in 5.8 secs.

  • Price

2017 Mercedes Benz C-Class is priced at 39500 USD. While 2018 version one is likely to be priced at $40,250 (around Rs 25 lakhs).

  • Sunroof

The new version will have sunroof as standard, while the 2017 version has it as optional features.

  • Heated Steering Wheel

It is available on the new version.

  1. Lexus LS


It will rival BMW 7 Series, Audi A8, Jaguar XJ, and the Mercedes S-Class. Lexus LS is all ready to debut in January. It will be priced at about Rs 1.2 crore. Lexus LS are known for its opulence and reliability. The sedan is right for those who want limousine-like car but need to add more dose of funk.

  1. Rolls Royce Phantom 

We all know that new versions of the Rolls-Royce Phantom don’t appear often. It may be their marketing strategy to cater those who want “mysterious and exclusive” products. We can see on their official homepage that Rolls-Royce Phantom is aimed for…

“Those whose presence has the power to inspire greatness. Those who are heard, but need no celebration. Those whose strength is phenomenal, but rarely needs using.”

So, actually, what’s new in this Rolls Royce 2018?

Well, despite looking familiar, this Phantom is nearly entirely new. It has new aluminium space frame platform. Suspension elements are mostly alumunium. It also uses a road-scanning camera system to prepare for bumps before they reach the wheels.

Is it worth to wait?

Yes, of course. We can see from external styling itself, Rolls-Royce Phantom has evolved gently. It comes from a creative process that what Giles Taylor (Design director) said, “…Involved sending the styling team on a mind-clearing sabbatical..” for what? “…to better contemplate the essence of luxury.”

That’s just from the design point of view. The manufacturer will also add better technology. We can’t wait!

  1. Audi A8

 The 2018 Audi A8 is expected to be longer, more plush, and has more tech than ever. It also includes autonomous driving. The automated system will take care of driving on dual carriageways up to 60kmph. Audi A8 is the only luxury sedan offering you the unique W12 engine configuration. As you know, the machine is actually reserved for the larger life Bentleys. It is a revolutionary for the Audi’s flagship sedan that has been around in its various forms for almost a decade.

  1. Mercedes Maybach S650

 The brand has launched the current generation of S-Class in 2014. The new S is ready to debut in 2018 after its introduction in global markets last year. We will see the facelift for the first time in the shape of the Mercedes-Maybach S650. The top-most version of the Maybach to be built.

  1. BMW 6 Series GT 

After huge and unexpected success of the 3 series GT, BMW would certainly be interested to bring their newest GT here. Like the 3 GT, the 6 series GT will be larger than the 5 series. It will have more cabin and boot space while bringing in the coupe roofline along with it. The 6 series is an evolution of the 5 series GT which is also sold in India a few years ago. Now, it comes as 6 series with an image makeover.

  1. Mercedes-Benz CLS 

If we discuss about coupe limousines, Mercedes-Benz CLS definitely needs to be highlighted. As the car becomes the one that stirred the world a couple of decades ago. The all-new CLS will be under the S-Class in the Indian luxury car market. It should compete with BMW 6 series GT.

It comes with Multibeam LED in its front lamp. It also has 360 degree parking camera for safe parking. Another safety feature is this: “Collision Prevention System”. It will give you visual warning if you have insufficient following distance and able to initiate an autonomous partial brake application.

  1. Volvo S60 

It comes after the launch of the XC60SUV. This luxury car is expected to become the latest. Volvo S60 is predicted to launch by mid-2018. This means, it will reach India by the end of 2018. It will have a similar design language with S90 with the Thor’s hammer headlamps, the envious proportions of a classic sedan, and the luxurious vertical slatted grille.

VOLVO S60 petrol version price starts at Rs 41.49 lakhs. The diesel ones starts from Rs 32.65 lakhs. Inside the car, it has a fairly dated but a functional dashboard. It gets the bells and whistles of a luxury sedan with cruise control, adjustable seats with memory function, sunroof, steering mounted audio controls, etc.

It is offered with three engine options. The T6 petrol and two turbo-diesels. It has 2.0 litre twin charged, four cylinder engine, that is able to develop up to 306 bhp of power and 400 Nm of maximum torque.

So, these are the 8 luxury sedans that will be in our market next year. Most of them are European cars. In India, you should check its dealership availability, what kind of service they can provide, and may be you want to check the car loan EMI. Don’t forget, at the launch period, most of the luxury car comes with special offer to keep the price competitive.

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So, which one is your dream car?

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