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China Banned Mercedes-Benz, BMW and VW among 553 Cars

Increasing environment pollution has been a greater concern for the whole world. Countries like India and China are struggling to control the dangerous levels of emission causing serious health hazards. While China has achieved a greater success in cities like Beijing where pollution level has come down over 35% from the figures of 2012, India has not been able to take effective measures. Many cities in north India like Delhi and NCR, the pollution level in winter hover at harmful levels causing serious health problems to its people.

China has been acting firmly on the implementation of emission control norms. Now, as per media reports, Chinese government has banned over 553 cars including Mercedes-Benz, BMW and VW which do not conform to fuel economy figures. Simultaneously, the Chinese government has been greatly focusing on promoting greener vehicles. As per the reports, the China Vehicle Technology Service Centre has banned over 553 cars, mostly sedans from 1st January 2018 to reduce the emission levels. The whole list of the cars banned is not yet out but it includes the likes of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and VW. The list could also include some of the local brands as they produce cheaper replicas of the popular cars.

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China’s effective policies to control emission include promoting alternative fuel for vehicles over the years. The electric vehicles are finding greater preference as last year the sale of electric vehicles stood at 3.36 lakhs unit in a year. With government’s stricter control measures, this figure is expected to grow further. The ban on the listed vehicle will also add to people preference for the eco-friendly cars.

Indian government has also been emphasizing a greater need to switch over to alternative fuel vehicles. It is already set an ambitious target to switch over to all electric vehicle transportation by the year 2030. Many Indian automakers are also making their forays into the electric vehicle segments right from the two wheelers to hybrid cars and fully electric cars. Simultaneously, the necessary infrastructure like network of charging stations is to be created by India in its right earnest. India also needs a multi-level strategy by central as well as state governments together to reduce the emission levels. Else the rising level of emission is going to cause serious increasing health problems to its citizens which is already at its dangerous proportion.


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