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Drunken driving consequences | Effects of drunken driving

It’s good to have some fun sometimes. If things are done in limit everything is fine. However, some people go to higher and dangerous levels to enjoy. Drunken driving is the primary cause of road accidents and death in India. In this post, we will discuss the consequences of drunken driving.

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Harmful effects of drunken driving

Drunken Driving

First of all one should not consume excess alcohol as it is not good for health. Even if you want to enjoy, enjoy responsibly. By intoxication mixed with driving you not only puts once life at risk, but also the lives of other passengers and people. Drinking excites the mind and make reflexes slower. This is one of the major reasons, people drive rash when under the alcohol. Just imagine, someones father, someones mother, someones loved one meet an accident due to someone else’s fault. The person who is drunk would come out of his alcoholic state. But may destroy someone’s family and life.

Why people drink and drive?

People specially youngsters do want to be behind the steering wheel after getting drunk. They might think they are in control which is actually not the truth. They tend to over speed and hence increase the chance of accidents. They get fun in driving after getting drunk. But they should understand that they are putting people’s life in risk. No one wants to loose their loved ones. It’s understood that there is a heavy fine and punishment for drunken driving. However, that does not solve the problem. A life gone will never come back.

Solution for drunken driving

There are many other things which people can enjoy. If you really like speed, go play a simulator game. That will give an equal adrenaline rush and pleasure. Alcohol is not only bad for health, it can prove fatal. So, if you are willing to enjoy responsibly, never allow anyone to drive after getting drunk. If you have to travel after drinking, book a cab. Take an auto. If you can afford alcohol, you can also afford a cheap cab like OLA or Uber. If your friend does not listen to you at least don’t sit with them.

Hope if you are one of those who love to drink and drive, you would now have understood why is it so dangerous to mix driving with intoxication.

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