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Emflux One Electric Superbike Unveiled at 2018 Auto Expo

In our article of 27th December 2017 at India Autoz, we have informed our readers that the 2018 Auto Expo has lots of surprises in store for you, especially in electric mobility segment. One of being the news about showcasing of the Emflux One Electric Superbike which no one would want to miss. Now the Bengaluru based Startup Company, Emflux Motors has unveiled their Emflux One Electric Superbike at the Auto Expo.Emflux-Electric-Superbike-1

The company’s in-house effort to bring out the indigenously developed superbike is marked as one of the great “Make in India” initiative.

Emflux Motors has plans to start the booking of the superbike later this year in around six months time and the deliveries are likely to commence from April 2019. The company has also setup a production target of just 199 bikes for Indian market while the target for export market is set at 300 units.

Emflux One Electric Superbike – Specifications           

The superbike will derive the power from Samsung Lithium-Ion battery pack of 9.7 KWh capacity which drives a 60 KW motor. It delivers 71 bhp power and 75 Nm torque. The battery can be charged to 80% capacity within just 36 minutes. On the performance, it has excellent figure! The company claims that the bike is capable to achieve a speed of 100 kmph in just 3-seconds and the top speed is 200 kmph.

The bike comes with impressive features too. It comes with Brebo brakes, dual channel ABS, Ohlins suspension, single-sided swing arm, light weight forged alloy wheels and smart dash-board. The following are the detailed specifications.

Nominal Capacity – 9.7 KWh
Charger Type – Emflux™ WARP Charger™
Charging Time – 80% in 36 minutes from WARP Charger™, 3 Hours from Regular 15A Wall Charger
Peak Power – 60kW (Limited to 53 kW (71hp) from the controller)
Peak Torque – 84 Nm (Limited to 75Nm from the controller)
Type – Emflux™ 3 Phase AC Induction with Liquid Cooling
Protection Class: IP Rating – IP 67
Front – 43 Upside Down Forks (Upgradable to Ohlins Race and Track USD 43mm forks with Adjustable Preload, Damping and Rebound)
Rear – 46mm Mono Gas Shock (Upgradable to Ohlins with 46mm Monotube Gas Shock with Adjustable Preload, Damping and Rebound)
Front – Dual 300mm disc with Brembo mono-block 4 piston radially mounted calipers
Rear – Single 220mm disc with Brembo fixed caliper
ABS – Dual Channel ABS
Frame – Tubular Steel Trellis
Sub-frame – Tubular Steel Trellis
Swing-arm – Single Sided Tubular Steel Trellis

The company is also having plans to launch another model, called Model 2 of the bike which will be a naked version of the sports bike. The naked model will have a lower priced tag. The naked version will come in two variants with arrange of 150 km. and 220 km.

Emflux One Electric Superbike – More Images

These are some of the images of Emflux One Electric Superbike from the launch event at the 2018 Auto Expo.

Emflux One Electric Superbike b Emflux One Electric Superbike c Emflux One Electric Superbike d Emflux One Electric Superbike a

Emflux One Electric Superbike – Price

Emflux One Electric is the country’s first superbike developed indigenously. The standard model will have a price tag of Rs 6 lakh. It will have three performance upgrades of Ohlins suspension, forged alloy wheels and ultra-light carbon fiber panel which will be priced at Rs. 11 lakh.

The booking of the superbike will commence from July, 2018 at the exclusive dealership in Bengaluru, New Delhi and Mumbai and deliveries will start in April 2019.

Emflux One Electric Superbike – Will you buy it?

 If you are a daily commuter, it is a certain buy as the regulations are slowly but definitely moving towards greener transportation.

Do not forget to visit the 2018 Auto Expo to get a first hand real touch and feel experience of the Emflux One Electric Superbike. Please write your views to us at India Autoz. We will make all efforts to keep you updated with all the news and views from the 2018 Auto Expo.

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