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Highway Speed Limit Set to Go Up in India

The government of India is all set to raise highway speed limit in India. Minister for road transport and highways (MoRTH), Nitin Gadkari is understood to have signed off to raise the highway speed limit and a notification in this respect is expected to be brought out soon.


One can find vehicles running at higher speed on highways than the prescribed limits. Traffic police are also found sometimes to issue challans to vehicles over speeding.

Presently a speed of 80 kmph is imposed on major highways like Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Delhi-Agra Highway, Delhi-Jaipur Highway and Delhi-Chandigarh Highway. Now the speed limit on the Indian highways would be raised to 120 kmph from the 80 kmph limit for cars. The highway speed limit would also be raised for two wheelers from 60 kmph to 80 kmph. Likewise, the speed limit on the expressways would be raised to 120 kmph for cars.


The speed limit for commercial vehicles is also going up. The trucks and buses would be permitted soon to run at 80 kmph on national highways and 90 kmph on the expressways.

In Indian cities, the speed limit is set by the respective transport authorities. They will continue to be a regulating the limit speeds in various zones of the cities. These limits are much lower than the highway speed limits, keeping in view the safety requirements.

The Minister, Nitin Gadkari is said to be in favor of ECU controlled speed controlling devices for the vehicles and not an external speed limiter devices fitted in the vehicles since such devices can be manipulated easily. The modern vehicles like Maruti Dzire, Innova Crysta and Xcent come equipped with ECU based speed limiter. The ECU based speed limiter cuts off the fuel supply to the engine at a speed higher than the limit set and forces the driver to maintain the set and safe speed limit. That’s why the ECU based speed limiters are more reliable.

Indian automakers would increase the speed limit of the vehicles produced by them once the new speed limit regulation is implemented. The limit in the existing vehicles with ECU based speed limiter can also be increased by updating the software.

The speed limit updates can be implemented in the commercial vehicles manufactured by Tata Motors, Mahindra, and Bharat Benz etc. as well.

India has been witnessing faster growth of highways across the length and breadth of the country. The growth is helping the economy by cutting down the transportation time. With the GST and eWay Bills in place, the raise in the highway speed limit for the commercial vehicles stands fully justified. While doing so, the need for speed limiter is also essential and should be made mandatory to avoid fatal accidents due to over speeding. Remember; ‘the speed thrills but kills too.’

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