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Jeep Compass vs Toyota Fortuner | Price, Mileage, Features, Specs

The wait is finally over. The new Jeep compass 2017 has arrived in India. The company has offered its prospective buyers an attractive price tag starting from Rs.14.95 lakh for the base model going up to Rs.20.65 for the high-end model. The new Jeep SUV will give a stiff competition to the base models of Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour and to the upcoming Volkswagen Tiguan. Here we are comparing Jeep compass with an established and best-selling premium SUV of India. Yes, you are right, we are talking about the Toyota Fortuner. Now let’s have a look at the Jeep Compass vs Toyota Fortuner comparison.

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Jeep Compass vs Toyota Fortuner Comparison

The Toyota Fortuner is undoubtedly a market leader in the premium SUV segment in India. Whether off-road or on-road, it never lets you down. It provides you a  greatt cabin space and can seat 7 adults easily. On the other hand, Jeep Compass can occupy 5 persons only. Space is less but what they offer is a best in class product, excellent features and luxurious cabin. At this price tag and amazing features, Jeep Compass is likely to become one of the best selling premium SUV in India.

Jeep Compass Vs Toyota Fortuner Comparison- Price

Jeep Compass PriceRs 14.95 Lakh to Rs 20.65 Lakh
Toyota Fortuner PriceRs 24.40 Lakh to Rs 29.17 Lakh

Jeep Compass is cheaper than Toyota Fortuner, but both SUVs are of different segments. If you are looking for a 7-seater SUV, then definitely your choice would be the Fortuner. However, if you are looking for a hardcore SUV that costs you less, then think twice before choosing an SUV other than Jeep Compass for its brand value and world-class features.

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Jeep Compass Vs Toyota Fortuner Comparison- Specifications

SpecificationsJeep CompassToyota Fortuner
Engine1.4 L Petrol/2.0 L Multijet II Diesel2.7 L Petrol/2.8 L Diesel
Max Power160 BHP/170 BHP164 BHP/175 BHP
Peak Torque250 Nm/350 Nm250 Nm/450 Nm
Transmission6-speed Manual & 7-speed Automatic/6-speed Manual5 Speed Manual & 6 Speed Automatic/6 Speed Manual & 6 Speed Automatic

Jeep Compass has comparatively smaller engine than Fortuner but in terms of max. power and torque, both the SUVs are almost equal. But don’t forget this aspect that Compass is a much lighter SUV than the Fortuner. Currently, Compass and Fortuner both use a 6-speed unit but Diesel version of Compass will be equipped with the 9-speed automatic gearbox in upcoming days. It would be safe to say that when it comes to specification it is a tie between both the vehicles.

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Jeep Compass Vs Toyota Fortuner Comparison- Mileage

CarMileage (petrol)Mileage (diesel)
Toyota Fortuner8 KMPL (MT)/9 KMPL (AT) 11 KMPL (AT)/12 KMPL (MT)
Jeep Compass12-13 KMPL (estimated)17.1 KMPL (4×2)/16.3 KMPL 4×4) (ARAI)

As per ARAI tested mileage figures, The Diesel Engine Fortuner provides a mileage of 11kmpl for automatic gearbox and 12 kmpl for manual gearbox while its Petrol Engine gives 8 Kmpl for the manual gearbox and 9 kmpl for the Automatic gearbox.

Whereas the mileage figure of Petrol Compass is still to be determined by ARAI. The diesel compass(6-speed gearbox) returns a mileage of 17.1 kmpl for 4×2 version and 16.3 kmpl for 4×4 version, that is far more than the Fortuner.

Jeep compass Vs Toyota Fortuner Comparison- Dimensions

DimensionsJeep CompassToyota Fortuner
Length4420 mm4,795 mm
Width1820 mm1,855 mm
Height1650 mm1,835 mm
Wheelbase2640 mm2,750 mm
Ground Clearance178 mm193 mm

As provided in the table mentioned above, Toyota Fortuner is a bigger SUV and more spacious as it offers 7 seats as compared to 5 seats of Compass. Even the Fortuner’s ground clearance is 193 mm i.e. much better than 178 mm of Compass. The Fortuner has bigger dimensions, bold exteriors and formidable on road presence.

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Jeep Compass Vs Toyota Fortuner Comparison- Design

Both the SUVs have different designs and style. The exterior of  Fortuner looks like more Urban and elegant. Due to a larger dimension, it looks more muscular and enjoys a greater road presence. On the other hand, Compass has clean designs and stylish looks which are more like a Crossover.

Interiors of both the SUVs are also very different. Jeep Compass provides you more clean and simple but artistic design, while the Fortuner’s design is more flamboyant and futuristic. The equipment list offered by both the SUVs are almost equal but the only disadvantage in Compass is 5 seats as compared to 7 seats of the Fortuner.

Pic Credit: http://carblogindia.com

Jeep Compass Vs Toyota Fortuner Comparison- Verdict

Price: The Jeep Compass is less expensive than the Toyota Fortuner. Buyers who want to purchase base model of Fortuner will have an inclination towards the Compass due to similar features in affordable price.

Specification: The Compass, inspite of a smaller engine, provide a similar level of power and torque when compared to Fortuner.

Mileage: Compass is a clear winner in this section.

Dimensions: The Fortuner is bigger than Compass.

Design: The Fortuner looks like Urban SUV, while Compass is more looks like a Crossover.

Verdict: It’s clear that the two SUVs are of different segments. However, the Jeep Compass offers you similar power and more mileage while the Fortuner has much larger cabin space and extra seats. Undoubtedly, Fortuner road presence is striking and even the base model of Fortuner has enough features. Still, in terms of competitive pricing, Compass has a clear edge over the Fortuner. With a price range starting from 14.95 lakh and going up to Rs.20.65 lakh, the compass will surely affect the sales of Toyota Fortuner.

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Hope you found this comparison helpful. Do let us know your views via the comments section below.

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