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Let’s Hit the Road! 5 Amazing Road Trips in India That You Must Take

Someone rightly said, “There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.”

And what’s better than hitting the road and soaking in the beauty lying in store? When the wind blows your hair away,and the path in front embrace you with open arms, you feel like a liberated soul!

Yes, a road trip offers exhilaration at its best. So, all you need are your wheels and probably gang of friends, and you’re ready to go! Also, if you travel frequently, then you can buy comprehensive car insurance online to cover against any risk.

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So, here we’ve listed a few amazing road trips that you can take to add to the fun and excitement.

1. Chennai to Pondicherry

This is an all-time favourite amongst tourists and locals.A route of over 155 kms, this trip can be covered in just about three to four hours. Although several routes can take you to the‘Paris of the East,’ like NH32, NH48, the best one is – the East Coast Road (ECR).Along this picturesque route, you’ll be enchanted by the beautiful view of the sea with sunlight gleaming on its surface.

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The best time to take this trip is from October to February as the weather around this time is pleasant and just perfect for sightseeing. Also, you can easily enjoy the luxury to stop over at various places along the way. Some options are ‘The Artist’s Village,’ ‘The Kovalam Beach,’ and ‘The Portuguese Catholic Church.’On reaching Pondicherry, you can enjoy visiting places like ‘The Botanical Garden,’ ‘The Serenity Beach,’ and ‘the French Quarter.’

2. Shimla to Manali via Mandi

A seven hours drive from Shimla to Manali, this 247 km long route can leave anyone spellbound. You can either drive through NH3 or NH205 and along both the ways, you’ll witness some real beauty. With snow-capped mountains on one side and deep valley and greenery on the other, you’ll feel like capturing every scene.

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Start early from Shimla to avoid traffic and enjoy the serenity to its fullest. The best time to take this trip is any time outside the monsoon season. Along this route, once River Beas starts, the whole stretch is dotted with numerous eateries. So, stop-over and enjoy delicious North-Indian food to have an extra dash of fun. All in all, this is one of the most scenic road trips that you can venture on in India!

3. Ahmedabad to Kutch

A trip from Ahmedabad to this Land of White Salt Desert (Kutch) covers about 4oo kms. An estimated seven hours drive, this trip will give you many worthwhile experiences.

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On this seven-hour drive, you’ll get a chance to admire picturesque landscapes with mini huts lining the road. You’ll also get to witness the beautiful art and culture of Gujarat. For this, make a stopover at ‘Dholavira city,’ the only city of Harappan Indus Civilization.

Also, the best time to take this road trip is between October and March. When you get hungry, you will also be delighted to enjoy lip-smacking food along this route. Moreover, if you manage to catch a view of the setting sun on the white horizon, you’ll be left spellbound.

When in Kutch, visit the Wild Ass Sanctuary, Chari-Dhand(bird watcher’s heaven) and Hodko village to purchase exquisite handicrafts.

4. Mumbai to Mount Abu

This beautiful route covering 765 kms passes from urban towns of Mumbai to the misty mountains of Mount Abu. It can be covered in 12 hours,and July-October is the best time to take this road trip.

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What makes this route interesting is that here you’ll get to experience three different kinds of cultures: Maharashtrian, Gujarati and Rajasthani. Also, with scores of eateries and dhabas along the way, you’ll also get to gorge on some amazing food.

After taking this beautiful trip, you’ll be greeted by the enchanting mountains of Mount Abu. You’ll witness ancient structures, beautiful temples and diverse flora which are certain to leave you fascinated.

5. Bangalore to Ooty

For all the nature lovers out there, this is one trip you must consider taking. The 278 km stretch is running along NH275 can be covered in about 12 hours. The best time to take this trip is between October and June.

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All along this way, you’ll be left marvelling at the lush green mountains and scenic beauty of the place. While the forests of Bandipur along this route will leave you feeling calm, the palaces of Mysore will leave you enthralled. On reaching Ooty, you’ll be greeted with expansive tea plantations, waterfalls and clear lakes.

So, to rejuvenate yourself with the healing touch of nature, this trip can be perfect for you!

Get ready to hit the road!

So, we’re sure you are all excited to plan your next road trip soon. Just go a step ahead with your travel plans and buy comprehensive car insurance online from a reputed insurance company. Buying car insurance online will keep you secured against risks and will help you enjoy a worry-free road trip. One insurance policy will cover you against many kinds of losses and damages.

So, be spirited, hit the road and explore new places!

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