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New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Maruti Ciaz Comparison| Price| Specs| Mileage|Features|Safety|Design| Dimensions

The new 2017 Maruti Dzire will be launched in a few days from now. The new model Dzire 2017, which is the third generation of Maruti’s popular entry-level sedan, has a long list of features, looks modern and has the tried-and-tested engines the old Dzire came with. It is expected that the price of the Dzire will start at Rs 5.5 lakh. If this is true, it will make the new car a bit pricier than the older Dzire. A lot of people want the Dzire to be compared with Maruti’s highly successful upper C-segment contender, the Ciaz. Undoubtedly Ciaz, being a larger and a more expensive offering, is obviously our pick of the two. The question now is, will the Maruti Dzire be so good that it will even attract potential customers of the Ciaz? Lets compare both the cars in our Maruti Dzire vs Maruti Ciaz Comparison.

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New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Maruti Ciaz


Even though our comparison below highlights both the similarities and differences between the two sedans from Maruti, we would like to reinstate that these two don’t compete directly with each other. The only purpose of this comparison is that all those who have been aspiring to buy the Ciaz owing to dissatisfaction with the current Dzire can now consider the new Dzire. The new Dzire is a lot more primum and upmarket product that the outgoing model. This definitely means that the gap between the Ciaz and the Dzire has reduced.

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New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Maruti Ciaz- Price

New 2017 Maruti DzireMaruti Ciaz
Diesel26-27 KMPL28.09 KMPL
Petrol20-21 KMPL19.12 KMPL

Though prices of the new Dzire are likely to start at Rs 5.50 lakh, the base model of the Ciaz costs considerably higher at Rs 7.72 lakh. No doubt, the Ciaz is a much larger car and offers more powerful engines. Hence, the premium it commands over the new Dzire is completely understandable. But one has to also keep in mind that the Dzire offers a more premium experience than the previous model. It gets many new features and gets the same 1.3 L Diesel engine, though in a lower state of tune, as the Ciaz. So for those who do not require a large cabin, but yet can’t do with most of the features that the Ciaz offers, should definitely consider the new Dzire 2017 model as an option.

New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Maruti Ciaz- Dimensions

Dimensions2017 Maruti DzireMaruti Ciaz
Length3,995 mm4,490 mm
Width1,735 mm1,730 mm
Height1,515 mm1,486 mm
Wheelbase2,520 MM2,650 mm
Ground Clearance170 mm170 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity37-litres43-litres
Boot Space376-litres510-litres

If the new Dzire is compared with the old one, the new one will look cosiderably wider. Surprisingly, even in comparison with the Ciaz, the new Dzire is marginally wider. This means, seating 3 adults at the rear won’t be an issue at all. That said, the Ciaz offers much more legroom. The Ciaz is undoubtedly the most spacious car in its segment and its cabin is very spacious. The Ciaz can carry a lot of luggage with a boot space of 510-litres.  Whereas in comparison, the Dzire offers only 376-litres of boot space, which is though less than the Ciaz however, still a lot more than what it was in the earlier generation model.


New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Maruti Ciaz- Features

Features2017 Maruti Dzire2017 Maruti Ciaz
Auto ACYesYes
Power WindowsYesYes
Push Button StartYesYes
Keyless EntryYesYes
Touchscreen InfotainmentYesYes
Parking SensorsYesYes
Reverse CameraYesYes
Multi-function Steering WheelYesYes
Alloy WheelsYesYes
Electric Folding ORVMsYesYes
Rear AC VentsYesYes
Auto-Dimming IRVMNoYes

The new Dzire is a rich when it comes to features. As you can see in the features comparison list above, the Dzire offers almost all of the features that the Ciaz offers. So, when it comes to features, the Dzire is not behind Ciaz.

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New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Maruti Ciaz- Safety Features

Safety Features2017 Maruti Dzire2017 Maruti Ciaz
ABS with EBDYesYes
Dual Front AirbagsYesYes
Seatbelts with Pre-tensionersYesYes
ISOFIX Child Seat mountYesYes
Rear Parking AssistanceYesYes
Engine ImmobilizerYesYes

The new 2017 Maruti Suzuki Dzire comes with rich safety features like dual front airbags, reverse parking assistance,  ABS with EBD, seat belts with pre-tensioners, ISOFIX Child Seat mount and engine immobilizer. The Ciaz also offers all these features. This means that when it comes to safety , both the cars offer similar protection levels.

New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Maruti Ciaz- Exterior Design

While both the Marutis look stunning, their designs are very different when compared with each other. The Ciaz was born out of the Authentics sedan concept. Whereas the Dzire looks much like the latest generation Swift hatchback. Getting back to the Ciaz, it was conceptualized as a sedan. The Ciaz is a long, sleek  vehicle with elegance. The Dzire’s design is much  louder and thanks to all the chrome it has more flamboyance as well. While the Ciaz is a typical three-box design, the Dzire, thanks to its sub 4-metre credentials, has a stubby boot.


When both the cars are placed together, the Ciaz would look a lot better, thanks to its higher overall length. However, surprisingly the new Dzire is marginally wider. It is also lower than the previous generation model. All this would give the new 2017 Dzire a more planted stance. The Ciaz impresses with its sleek, long, almost stately (for a C-segmenter) look whereas the new Dzire looks fresh, somewhat flamboyant and even has a retro touch to its front-end.

New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Maruti Ciaz- Interiors

The interiors of both these cars are very much the reflections of their respective exteriors. Akin to the exteriors, the interior of the Ciaz offers well designed, neat surfaces that exude premiumness. The interior of the new Dzire, in comparison offers a touch of flamboyance thru bits like sporty dials and a flat-bottom steering wheel and . The Ciaz offers a comparitively more spacious cabin, which is primarily due to the really long wheelbase. Both rear and front passengers enjoy ample legroom. As mentioned earlier the new Dzire is wider than the Ciaz, . This means  akin to its pricier sibling the Ciaz, the new model of Dzire can now easily seat three adults at the rear.

new-2017-maruti-dzire-interiors 1

Maruti-Ciaz-Metallic-Interiors 2

New 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Maruti Ciaz – Verdict

  • Price– Quite obviously, the Dzire will be a lot cheaper. Thanks to the more features it now offers, many buyers of entry-level Ciaz models can now even think of buying the Dzire to save some money and yet get a feature-rich car.
  • Specifications– The Ciaz offers much more power, but the Diesel engines of both the models get the same engine, though in different states of tunes. The Ciaz is certainly more powerful of the two, but the Dzire is not far behind.
  • Mileage- Most likely, the Ciaz will be slightly more fuel efficient than the new Dzire.
  • Dimensions– The Ciaz is much longer, but as mentioned earlier the Dzire is surprisingly wider.
  • Interior – Both the cars can seat 5 adults comfortably. However, the Ciaz offers a much bigger legroom along with a bigger boot.
  • Design- Though design is a matter of personal taste but we would choose the Ciaz over the Dzire its elegant looks.

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So, as you must have observed by now, the Ciaz and the Dzire are really two different cars . There shouldn’t even be a direct comparison between the two. The Dzire is an entry-level sedan, whereas the Ciaz is from a segment above and feels much more premium. However still, thanks to the new Dzire having upped the ante, some comparisons are bound to be drawn between these two C-segmenters from Maruti. Now the Dzire offers most of the features that the top-end Ciaz offers and even feels a lot more premium. This means that those who do not require a really spacious cabin and are looking for a premium sedan with enough features can now opt for a Dzire.


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