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Which suits you? A spec comparison of TVS Apache RR 310 vs KTM RC 390 vs HONDA CBR 300R and other rivals!

TVS Apache makes a great fight back with launching the most anticipated bike of the year “TVS APACHE RR 310”. If we flash back around two years back, TVS display area was being a buzz. The reason was clear: the Akula 310 race bike concept. It became internet sensation that the spy pictures of its production version went viral all around the world. With sharp design and engineered in collaboration with BMW Motorrad, bike lovers’ expectation sky rocketed.

tvs apache rr310

And now is the moment of truth!

Based on first ride impression, TVS Apache RR 310 definitely nailed it, especially on the small displacement sports bike. Pump up your adrenaline and masculinity by riding this great motorcycle. It feels so great at the track. And yet, still as comfortable as one would love for daily use in the city roads. TVS Apache is more than a “Shark” on track. It can “Swim” on the road. It is more suitable for Indian market. Can you ride it for your everyday needs? The answer is: YES. The motorcycle is entry-level sports bike which multiple roles; touring, commuting, and even occasional track bike.

But, we all know that in 300 displacement class, our market has already its best motorcycles. The two KTMs are powerful. Either the older and more raw version, The RC 390 or newer and calmer KTM 390 Duke. The new one is top performer in the city road and also at the track.

KTM RC 390

So, will TVS Apache RR 310 defeat them? Here are some points of comparison that you need to know.


The motorcycle is really good looking. Imagine, you get twin-LED headlights with a decently-sized windscreen which both of them are flush-fitting. It also has neat Omega-shaped LED tail-lamp. The fairing panels are sharp. The choice of materials is excellent. TVS has spent around 350 hours in the wind tunnel. They claim TVS Apache RR 310 has best aerodynamics in its class.

From the design point of view, the bike set a new standard that KTM and BMW should keep up. Let see from another factor.


TVS – BMW produces more power and torque from their sharp design. It’s on same level with CBR 300 R. But, compared to KTM RC 390, it can produce 36 Nm @ 7000 rpm while TVS Apache RR 310 produces 27.3 Nm @ 7700 rpm. TVS claimed Apache RR 310 will get fastest lap times in class.

TVS has managed to retain the power outcome despite the quality of the fuel that’s sold in India. The result? Apache RR 310 claimed to speed over 160 km/h. The motorcycle can go from 0 to 60 km/h in less than 3 seconds (2.93 secs). Apache also has liquid cooling and fuel injection as well.


KTM still got advantage with 390 cc because TVS prefers to head for the BMW-TVS 312 cc. Dimitris Laparis from BMW told that the size decision was focused on usability and uniqueness. “No one has a 310”, he said.


Unfortunately, TVS doesn’t give Apache RR 310 its feature. The TVS only give Wet Multi-Plate – 9 Plate Design. “The DUKE” has its advantages because it has PASC™ anti hopping clutch, mechanically operated.

Some said that the loss of the feature is important because of the machine’s track orientation. While actually, slipper clutches is very useful in our crowded traffic. Slipper clutches allow you to downshift smoother and get better acceleration and of course; more durable machine.


The KTMs duo has the same weight for about 147 kg while TVS Apache RR 310 is 170 kg. But, CBR is the lightest. It only weighs 141 kg.


Of course the two KTMs use the same wheelbases – only subtle different at the sub-frame. TVS Apache RR 310 has the smallest one, while Honda has the longest wheelbase. This give more neutral and measured feel of the CBR compared to responsive KTMs. TVS-BMW’s frame worthy of praise because they can show a balance between the response of “The Duke” while maintaining the composure of the Honda.



From this point, KTM and TVS has more advantage because these bikes have dual-channel ABS. It’s a great progress because even Kawasaki Ninja 300 and YZF R3 don’t have it. Honda CBR 300 uses a smaller 296 mm disc up front. KTM has 320 mm for front disc and 230 mm at its rear disc. While TVS Apache uses 300 mm (front) ad 240 mm (rear disc).


Riders usually check this part to measure how comfort the bike for cornering and touring. And good news for you because all bikes compared here get adjustable rear mono-shocks. The difference is the 390 prefers WP Mono-shock while the engineers at TVS embed two “hard to mention suspension technology”. That is, “Two arm aluminum swing arm mono-tube floating piston gas assisted shock absorber.” Can you repeat that?

What about the front suspension?

The RC 390 uses 43 mm USDs while TVS and the KTM 390 Duke get cartridge style telescopic fork. The Honda is the “old school” one using 37 mm right side up forks. 2017 KTM 390 duke is great for cornering as the older one. And the extra control means you can commit more and you will feel smoother too.

KTM RC 390 has Steel Trellis Frame, Powder Coated while the Apache 310 uses Trellis Frame with split chassis.

Fuel Consumption

Apache has slightly bigger fuel capacity. It can contain 11 L while the 390 is only 10 L. But, KTM RC 390 is more fuel-save. It can reach 35 Km per liter. While the new TVS produces only 19 Kmpl.


The TVS Apache RR 310 is company’s entry into highly competitive market. The local automaker goes up against the established ones such as Ninja 300, Yamaha YZF R3, KTM RC 390 and even Benelli Tornado 302 R. So, which one is the champion?

Kawasaki Ninja 300

If you want to have lower-price sports bike with better value, The TVS Apache RR 310 is the answer. It has managed to be one of the best valued for money. After you read the comparison above, you already know that TVS offers most optimum equipment, features, and ability to do well in almost all riding scenarios.

It is also said that TVS Apache RR 310 is the culmination of 15 years of TVS racing production experience.


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