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Top 5 Bikes under Rs 1 lakh in India | Best Bike under 1 lakh in India

There are a lot of bikes available in each segment of motorcycles. No mater how many bikes are available, people always want more and wait for new launches. That said, there are many offerings available under the budget of Rs 1 lakh. One can get a powerful, stylish bike with decent mileage in this budget. So, we decided to compile a list of top 5 bikes under 1 lakh. The bikes chosen by us for the list are the best available under this budget. They are better than the other bikes in this budget for various reasons. We have consider many factors and are giving you the list of top 5 ones.
Before we start, please note that the prices mentioned are ex-showroom prices. So, even while selecting the bikes, we considered the ex showroom prices of the bikes (below 1 lakh). The actual price might be slightly more than one lakh for some of the bikes.
Note: All the prices mentioned are post-GST prices.

1) Yamaha FZ-S Fi

The Yamaha FZ16 launch in 2008 was a game changer in the Indian motorcycle industry . It proved what a 150 cc bike can offer in a segment that was quite stale with the likes of only the Pulsar 150 ruling it. The FZ 16 had  a powerful engine, superior handling and more importantly, class-redefining style. In the year 2014, the v2.0 of the FZ 16, the FZ-S Fi was launched. It was born with the strength of the original bike and was powered by a massively refined fuel-injected 149cc engine. The engine pumps out 13.2hp of peak power and 12.8Nm of peak torque.This is marginally less than that of the FZ16.  However, the bike makes up with a lighter kerb weight of 132kg. The Yamaha FZ-S Fi is quick and agile. The bike has a good road presence and is completely worth it’s cost.
Yamaha FZ-S Fi
Power: 13.2hp at 8,000rpm
Torque: 12.8Nm at 6,000rpm
Price: Rs 83,042 (ex-showroom, Delhi)

2) Bajaj Avenger 220

The Bajaj Avenger made its debut in 2005. The bike is still the mainstay of cruiser motorcycles in India.  The Bajaj Avenger has got many updates since its launch and is currently available in 150cc and 220cc engine options. The Avenger 220 is powered by a carburetted 220cc, single cylinder, air-and-oil-cooled, DTS-i engine. It gets in engine from the Pulsar 220, however the engine is tuned for suiting a cruiser bike. The Avenger is slightly low on power and torque as compared to the Pulsar. However the Avenger has a wider torque curve aimed at delivering a strong low-to-mid range pull. The bike is is available in two variants – Street and Cruise.  The street comes with alloy wheels and flatter handlebars. Whereas the Cruise has wire spoke wheels,  a tall windscreen and tall handlebars as standard. Even though the Avenger is more of a cruiser bike rather than a performance bike, it does pack a punch and is very stylish as well.
Bajaj Avenger 220
Power: 19.03hp at 8,400rpm
Torque: 17.5Nm at 7,000rpm
Price: Rs 87,738 (ex-showroom Delhi)

3) TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

The TVS Apache was developed on the race tracks of Chennai and Coimbatore. The bike has always been an interesting proposition in the Indian bike market . The  Apache RTR 200 4Vis a racing bike that packs a punch and offers great handling and ride.  It gets it power from a single-cylinder, 197.75cc,  air-and-oil-cooled engine that gets a four-valve head. The TVS Apache RTR 200 also features a race-tuned KYB monoshock at the rear and has sticky Pirelli tyres as well as dual-channel ABS as standard. These features are first in it’s segment. The bike is available in both  fuel-injected variants and carburetor variants.  It should be noted that we are not considering the Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) version in our list as its sticker price is beyond the one lakh rupee mark. With its superior power, performance and stunning looks this bike surely impresses.
TVS Apache RTR 200 4V
Power: 20.5hp at 8,500rpm (carburetted version)
Torque: 18.1Nm at 7,000rpm
Price: Rs 97,915 (ex-showroom Delhi) (with Pirelli tyres)

4) Bajaj Pulsar 200NS

This is the second Bajaj bike on our list of top 5 bikes in India under 1 lakh.  This bike might come as a surprise to many, but believe us, the list would have been incomplete without the Pulsar 200 NS. Bajaj Auto is very good at manufacturing bikes that offer phenomenal value for money. The Pulsar 200NS is a great example of this. The bike was discontinued for a while. But now the 200NS has been brought back as a BS-IV model.  It is powered by the same single-cylinder,199.5cc, liquid-cooled engine which is derived from the KTM 200 Duke. The difference between the KTM  and the Pulsar engine is that the Pulsar’s motor is fed through a carburetor.  The Pulsar 200 NS features Bajaj’s patented triple-sparkplug technology which makes the bike very fuel efficient. However, it is slightly low on power when compared to the KTM. The Pulsar 200 has a superior acceleration.  It has great handling which makes it more fun to ride in almost all conditions.  Be it in the city, highway or a twisty mountain road. The Pulsar offers a great mix of power and performance. It would be almost impossible for any sub 200 cc motorcycle to beat the Pulsar 200 NS in terms of performance.
Bajaj Pulsar 200NS
Power: 23.5hp at 9,500rpm
Torque: 18.3Nm at 8,000rpm
Price: Rs 96,749 (ex-showroom Delhi)

5) Suzuki Gixxer/SF

If you ask any bike lover about his favorite bike under 1 lakh,  the answer would be most likely the Suzuki Gixxer, or its faired sibling, the Gixxer SF. The original Gixer was launched in the year 2014. Earlier it was dismissed as a Yamaha FZ16 clone. It was only when people rode it for the first time they realized that the bike has a lot more to offer. The Suzuki Gixer might not be the most powerful bike in its segment not it is the most frugal. But the bike has an  ‘X factor’ and this is the reason why people prefer this bike over others. The bike is great fun to ride as has great handling as well. The bike is very practical and offers a comfortable seating position. It has a light kerb weight of just 135kg. The bike has got recent updates and now has features like an optional rear disc brake. The faired Gixxer SF is now additionally equipped with electronic fuel injection. Both the faired and non -faired Gixer look great. The bike looks very sporty and has a racy look.
Suzuki Gixxer SF
Power: 14.8hp at 8,000rpm
Torque: 14Nm at 6,000rpm
Price: Rs 80,121 (Gixxer, rear disc) / Rs 89,219 (Gixxer SF) (both prices ex-showroom, Delhi)
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