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Top 5 CNG Cars in India Under Rs 5 lakh | Best CNG Cars Under 5 lakhs

Here we are trying to list out 5 best CNG cars that are selling like hot cakes and performing well in India. As the fuel prices are going up day by day, it is very difficult for a common man to afford a car. The situation is even more demanding  in metro cities where people have to travel long distances  everyday by car for work . CNG fitted car is always a better option than petrol and diesel cars if you are travelling more than 40 kms a day as these are economical  and cheaper to maintain. So we are providing you a list of top 5 CNG cars in India under 5 lakhs.

Top 5 CNG Cars in India Under Rs 5 lakh

1)  Maruti Alto 800 CNG


The Maruti Alto CNG is the one of the best selling CNG car in India. In most of the cases, this car is a choice for people who are buying their first car. It has low maintenance,  good resale value.Also,maruti service centres are easily available across the country. The Alto 800 CNG car is fuel efficient and provides you a mileage of 33.44km/Kg in CNG. The car is fitted with 796cc petrol engine which gives a mileage of 24.7kmpl. When switched to CNG, the car churns out 47bhp of power at 6000 rpm while on petrol it generates 47bhp at 6000 rpm. The maximum torquewith petrol is 69 Nm at 3500rpm and 60 Nm when switched to CNG.

The car is having 5 speed manual cable type gear shift which gives you smooth and strainless driving. The car comes with both metallic and non-metallic colors and has an Aero edge design. The price of Maruti Alto 800 Lxi Cng model is 3.7 lakhs in Metallic color and 3.66 lakh in non metallic colors. You can also go for higher model with airbags with price tag of Rs. 3.76 lakh for metallic and Rs. 3.72 lakh for non-metallic colors.

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2) Maruti Celerio Green CNG


Celerio Green is another CNG car offered by Maruti. This is one of the best cars with clean fuel option and added safety features. The car provides both petrol and CNG option for longer and carefree drives and also a newer technology called iGPI CNG that is fitted in the Fuel Inlet with a switch for safety purpose. This is a cost-effective car and can provide a mileage of 31.79km/kg with CNG and 22.62 kmpl after switching to Petrol.

The car comes with 5-speed manual gearbox and can churn out 67 bhp of power at 6000rpm on Petrol and on CNG , it generates 58bhp at 6000rpm. The maximum torque delivered by this car is 77nm at 3500rpm with CNG and 90 nm at 3500rpm with petrol. There is a dual on board computer that contains a switch for changing the modes easily for better performance. The Celerio Green car comes in two models,  Rs.5.11 lakh for VXi(O) model and Rs. 4.99 for VXi model.

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3) Maruti WagonR CNG

Maruti-Suzuki-Wagon-R CNG

The third car in this list is also from Maruti Suzuki that makes the top 3 cars out of the top 5 cng cars below 5 lakhs . One of the most popular and familiar car -the Maruti WagonRis known for its taller look, roomy interiors and ease of maintainance. The company fitted CNG cylinder in this car make it more acceptable car due to increased fuel efficiency and upgraded features.

It is equipped with a K10 998cc petrol engine while produce 67bhp at 6200 rpm in this version. On CNG mode, it delivers 58bhp at 6200 rpm. The torque produced by the car is 77nm at 3500rpm with CNG and 90nm at 3500rpm when switched to petrol.  It has a manual transmission and gives mileage of 20.51 kmpl and 26km/kg for petrol and CNG respectively. The base model of the car costs you Rs. 4.63 lakh (LXi) and upper model LXi(o) is available for Rs. 4.82 lakhs.

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4) Tata Nano eMAX


This car is a good option for metro cities due to heavy traffic and parking problem as it is compact and easy to maintain. The car comes in the budget of a common man and 4 persons can easily fit easily in this car. Tata Nano has recently come with new and advanced features and suddenly becomes the talk of the town. The car has biofuel option i.e. both petrol and CNG. The Tata Nano eMax is equipped with a calibrated intelligent advanced engine management system with a sequential gas injection system to enhance the performance while switching on a different mode.

The car comes with a 624cc engine that produces 32.5bhp at 5500rpm with CNG and 37.5bhp when driven on petrol. The maximum torque generated by the car is 45nm at 3500rpm for CNG and 51Nm at 4000rpm for Petrol. The mileage of the car is maximum on this list for both cng and petrol modes i.e. 36km/kg and 25.4 kmpl. The price of Tata Nano emax is Rs.2.88 lakhs.

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5) Tata Indica eMAX


The is the another one from the Tata Motors and a well-known car -the Tata Indica. The car is known for large space, comfort and practical use. Similar to other cars, this car is also using biofuel option and comes with the much bigger 2-litre MPFi engine. This is a good offer for cab owners to switch to the more economical car to cover long distances.

The car generates an output of 65bhp at 5000rpm on petrol and 55bhp at 5200rpm on CNG mode. The maximum torque released by the car is 100nm at 2700rpm in petrol mode and 90nm at 2650 rpm in the CNG driving mode.  The Indica eMAX has two variants and the cost for GLS variant is Rs. 3.99 lakh and GLX is Rs. 4.26 lakhs. It provides you a mileage of 23.7km/kg on CNG mode.

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Hopefully, our article on top 5 cng cars in India under 5 lakhs was helpful. Do let us know your views via the comments section below.

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