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Your Ultimate Guide to Know about Volvo XC60

Indians bought around 1.35 millions utility vehicles in the last two years. Within five years, its market share has more than doubled. Last year, it grew by whopping 30 percents. The trend is clearly evident that Indians are getting more and more obsessed with UV cars, especially the SUVs. And now, you will know better about the “new chip on the block”: VOLVO XC60.

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Before you read this article until finish, let me share with you what we cover in this India Autoz edition: 

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The new XC60 is Volvo’s most important car. It is a nice looking SUV. It looks great in “Crystal White” color type. It’s design evolution worth appreciation. As you know, Volvo has never been a proper luxury brand. Volvo isn’t like BMW, Mercedes, or Jaguar. Volvo used to be simple and humble car for simple people who would drive their cars until it’s broken.

But, financial crisis stroke the Swedish legend. It was then acquired by China’s Geely and out on more luxurious path. Initial result was encouraging: the large XC90 SUV became “Business Insider’s car of The Year’ for 2015. Then, how about the mid-size brother, XC60?

In this article, we will review the car that Swedish company proudly says as the largest selling SUV of Europe. Introducing: 2018 XC60. The all-new second-generation Volvo XC60 already goes on sale in India.

Based on the all-new architecture, it will be up against a formidable line-up featuring Audi Q5, BMW X3, Land Rover Discovery Sport, Jaguar F-Pace, and Mercedes GLC. Can this Swedish legend win?

Back in the days when the SUVs were developed (even when the term SUV was not coined yet), they were boxy, quasi-military vehicles intended to absorb off-road punishment. If you live in a more peaceful automotive life, if you didn’t want to bust through rocks, rivers, or deserts, choose sedans and wagons.

But, the modern SUVs are now different. They are now designed to be more attractive. Often even sporty. What about the XC60? It is not like “the old SUV” with aggressive-looking machine. It comes with smoother and sleeker design. Combined with a nice beltline forming a wedge from front to back and culminates in an angular rear side window. It also has a Volvo feature for years that its angle echoes the tall tail lights. The car also has some sharp tail lights. As you can see in the pic.

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What’s great on this series?

One of the words which comes up in my mind is: SAFETY. Volvo takes safety seriously. Let’s start from the legendary feature: BLIS.

All-New XC60 has a feature which Volvo pioneered over a decade ago. It has Available Blind Spot Information Systems (BLIS). It can alert you when a vehicle enters your blind spot or approaching fast from behind. BLIS also enable you to gently steer you back into your lane using the “Steer Assist” function. What’s interesting is that the car comes with rear-mounted radar and the sensors continuously monitor the blind spot and a large area behind you. Day or night. It will react to any type of vehicles. And yes, including motorcycle.

When equipped with the Advanced Package, the car has been named a 2017 IIHS Top Safety Pick+. The car received a superior rating for front crash prevention. It excelled in small overlap front, moderate overlap front, side, head restraints, and roof strength. No wonder because the car has good rating in all five Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crash worthiness test.

Another technology that makes you feel more secure is “Standard City Safety auto-braking”. It helps to protect you and those around you. If the car senses there will be collision, it will brake automatically, to reduce impact or even prevent it. The technology only operates when you’re driving in less than of 31 mph. So, be careful.

Last but not least is the “360 degree Surround View Camera”. It gives you a hi-res bird’s eye view of the area. It is a great help when you reverse or maneuver in confined areas. It uses four cameras. One at the front, one at the rear, and two at the door mirrors. If you want to get a view from specific area, you can touch one of the camera images on the 9-inch Sensus Touchscreen. I almost forget to mention that the rear camera can also be switched to a zoomed-in view close to the car. It is definitely convenient when you’re hitched to a trailer.

To build the car, Volvo will use fully imported engines. But, the kits imported from Sweden will be assembled locally in Bengaluru to keep competitive pricing. However, it is not yet confirmed.

India-spec of Volvo XC60 doesn’t get a petrol version though it is internationally available. It’s simply because there is not enough demand going for it.


In this series, Volvo makes a sporty three-color option. Those are chrome bits, wood finish, and brushed metal inserts. The dashboard is well put and the leather is high grade. Unlike other cars in its class, there are not too many buttons to get annoyed with. Impressive!

It is surprising that the SUV comes with cooled and heated front seats with massage function. Front seats are large and comfortable. The design also provides right amount of comfort for long distance commutes. 



XC60 is pretty similar to XC90. Both of them use Scalable Product Architecture as their platform. It allows engineers to mould the car design without too much hassle. The rear gets stacked tail lights that are clearly inspired from its older generation but much sharper in details. Doors open wide with the chrome lining bearing giving the car a rich look.


The T8 type combines a turbocharged 2.0 litre inline four-cylinder motor with a hybrid system and a supercharger. This “triple-threat” produces 400 horsepower with 472 pound-feet of torque. The XC60 is fast. Volvo claimed the car can sprint from 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds.

The good and bad?

Volvo XC60 is beautiful and comfortable. But, it suffers from a rushed vibe as if Volvo were pushing to get into the segment. The ride and handling are less thrilling than other recent Volvos. Electric Vehicle aspect doesn’t provide much range. It’s quite useless.

The “Pilot Assist” I mentioned before that can help with the steering, is not as potent as Tesla Autopilot or even Cadillac Super Cruise. It wasn’t entirely worth its technology. But I believe Volvo will evolve the tech. So, The XC60 should spend a little more time in the research lab.

The good side is you have a stable ride and it has sporty side. The suspension is sharp enough so pitching into curves is fun. Wind and noise are minimal.

The 2018 Volvo XC60 with a 2.0 litre diesel launched at Rs 55.9 lakh. With the good and bad I explain before, it’s not quite great value for money. XC60 isn’t big success.

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