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Volkswagen Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner | Price | Specs | Mileage |

So, finally the new 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan is out.  As was expected, the new Volkswagen model is on sale for a price range of Rs 28 lakh to Rs 32 lakh. This means that the Tiguan will try to give the Toyota Fortuner a tough completion. The Toyota Fortuner has already established itself in it’s segment. This certainly means that the new SUV from Volkswagen needs to be extremely good to attract prospective premium SUV buyers away from The Fortuner. Here, in this post, we will be comparing the Tiguan SUV with the Toyota Fortuner to see how these two fare against each other. So read further for our Volkswagen Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner comparison

Volkswagen Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner comparison


Now, the Fortuner has already proved itself by being as good a capable off the road vehicle as it is on it. Though the Tiguan SUV boasts enough off-road hardware, it has to be seen if it would be as capable on the rough terrains. The Tiguan is a great choice,  if one is looking for a world-class SUV that offers a luxurious cabin and plenty of creature comforts. Coming to it’s cost, at this price the Tiguan could easily become the most desirable premium SUVs on sale in India.

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Volkswagen Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner Comparison- Price

Volkswagen Tiguan PriceRs 27.98 Lakh to Rs 31.38 Lakh (Ex-showroom)
Toyota Fortuner PriceRs 28.26 Lakh to Rs 31.86 Lakh (Ex-showroom)

While Volkswagen India is known to keep the prices of it’s vehicles higher than its rivals, its the same with Toyota Kirloskar Motor. Hence, if we consider only about the price, the two SUVs are pretty evenly matched. That said, the petrol variants of the Fortuner are cheaper than the Tiguan.

Volkswagen Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner Comparison- Specifications

SpecificationsVolkswagen TiguanToyota Fortuner
Engine2.0-litre TDI Diesel2.7 L Petrol/2.8 L Diesel
Max Power141 BHP164 BHP/175 BHP
Peak Torque340 Nm250 Nm/450 Nm
Transmission7-speed DSG Automatic5 Speed Manual & 6 Speed Automatic/6 Speed Manual & 6 Speed Automatic

There is no clear winner between the VW Tiguan SUV and the Toyota Fortuner if only the specifications are considered. While the Fortuner gives an option of both Petrol and a Diesel engines, the Tiguan gets just one Diesel option. The Tiguan comes with the 2.0 TDI Turbo Diesel engine, which makes 143 PS of power and 340 Nm of torque. The Tiguan comes with an AWD setup as standard, while the Fortuner offers both FWD and AWD layouts. Coming to the downside, the Tiguan misses out on manual transmissions, while the Fortuner’s 6-speed Automatic is quite over-shadowed by the Tiguan’s 7-speed DSG.


Volkswagen Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner Comparison- Mileage

Mileage (ARAI)Volkswagen TiguanToyota Fortuner
Petrol10.01 KMPL (Manual)/10.26 KMPL (Automatic)
Diesel17.06 KMPL14.24 KMPL (Manual)/12.9 KMPL (Automatic)

According to ARAI testing figures, the Tiguan, offers higher mileage, thanks to its smaller engine and lower weight.

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Volkswagen Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner Comparison- Dimensions

DimensionsVolkswagen TiguanToyota Fortuner
Length4486 mm4,795 mm
Width1839 mm1,855 mm
Height1672 mm1,835 mm
Wheelbase2677 mm2,750 mm
Ground Clearance149 mm193 mm

As evident from the table above, the Fortuner clearly outclasses the Tiguan . Also, it should be noted that India gets the 5-seater version of the Tiguan, which  means it has less number of seats than compared to the Fortuner. Additionally, the Fortuner offers much more interior space, thanks to the larger dimensions. Also, the Tiguan doesn’t has the daunting stance enjoyed by the Fortuner.


Volkswagen Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner Comparison- Design

The design is one aspect, which sets these two models apart. The Fortuner looks every bit like a full-fledged medium-sized SUV, whereas the Tiguan has a more crossover-ish look. While the Tiguan has a clean Teutonic look, the Fortuner offers a very loud design that doesn’t have the timeless appeal of the Volkswagen. However, thanks to the larger dimensions and many muscular bits, the Fortuner enjoys a superior road presence.


Coming to the interiors, they are reflections of their exteriors respectively. While the Tiguan gets neat layouts, clean surfaces and a typical VW cabin, the Fortuner’s interior setup offers you a flashy design that has a slightly futuristic look to it. The Tiguan is much ahead when it comes to features. However, due to its larger dimensions, the Fortuner offers more interior space. Also, when compared in terms of seating capacity,  the VW Tiguan SUV for India can seat 5 people,  whereas the Fortuner offers 7 seats.

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Volkswagen Tiguan vs Toyota Fortuner Comparison- Verdict

  • Price: The Tiguan is priced in the same bracket as the Fortuner. .
  • Specifications: The Fortuner comes with an option of both Petrol and a Diesel engine. Whereas, the Tiguan SUV for India comes with only one Diesel engine option. Additionally, the Tiguan misses out on a manual transmission, however,  its 7-speed DSG Auto ‘box is definitely better compared to the Fortuner’s 6-speed unit. So, it’s hard to pick a clear winner here.
  • Mileage: The Tiguan is a better vehicle when it comes to mileage.
  • Dimensions: The Fortuner is undoubtedly the winner here. It is longer, wider and taller and offers more seats.
  • Design: When compared to the loud, rather futuristic design of the Fortuner, the Tiguan offers clean, fuss-free design typical of a VW. However, design is a matter of personal choice.

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VERDICT: Well, it would be unfair to announce a clear winner here. The two models are evenly matched in aspects like the pricing. However, the Fortuner is clearly a bigger car with more seats. On the other hand, the Tiguan looks technologically more modern. Adding to this, its smaller size is actually a boon in urban environments. It also comes with a much longer list of features too. The Tiguan is ideal for all those who want a premium SUV for regular city use and long-distance road trips.

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