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Will Redi-GO Beat Kwid AMT? A Complete Comparison

Datsun has launched Redi-GO AMT version to follow its Kwid sibling. Redi-GO, their largest selling car in India, has been launched in 1.0L engine. But, it comes in two variants to challenge its cousin, Kwid and other rivals of course.

By comparing both cars facts and figures, you will understand which one gives you more value for money. Of course, the pricing makes Redi-Go AMT a very attractive option in this segment. But, does Redi-GO has more to offer?

That’s why, in this article, we will compare the engines, dimensions, specifications, and features of Redi-GO and Kwid AMT

Let’s check it out.


redi-go amt 1
Redi-Go AMT

Kwid AMT already has come with great amount of features. It makes Datsun launch its Redi-GO in the top two variants so that it can compete with the Kwid AMT. In their top variants, both of them come loaded with power steering, 12V socket, audio system, with Bluetooth connectivity. They also have front power windows, body painted ORVMs, remote locking, multifunction instrument display, front fog lamps in Kwid and LED DRL in Redi-Go. All of them have driver side airbag. But, the two of them are lack of rear power windows and ABS. Yet, the Kwid has advantage when we talk about overall features. As it has touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity, all digital instrument panel and alloy wheels.

kwid amt 1
Kwid AMT

So, 1-0 for Kwid.

Next, let’s compare the dimensions.


Kwid has longer and wider than the Redi-GO AMT. The Redi-GO has exact dimensions of its manual siblings. It means, it stands at 1560mm in width and 3429mm in length. Makes it 50mm shorter and 19mm less wider. The Kwid also has a longer wheelbase of 2422 mm. Compared to it, the Redi-GO has shorter wheelbase of 2348mm. On the ground side, the Redi-Go has more advantage by having higher ground clearance of 185mm. It is 5 mm higher than Kwid. Both of them have the same 13-inch wheels.

So, when we compare the dimensions, you know both of them are on different characteristics. Each of them has plus-minus. They are draw. Whether you choose bigger yet “lower” Kwid, or smaller yet 5mm higher Redi-Go. If you prefer smaller car, of course you should pick the Redi-Go.

2-1 for Kwid.

Now, let’s compare the engine.


You know that both cars have exact the same engine specifications. The Redi-Go and Kwid shares its 1.0L 3-cylinder engine. It is able to generate 67 bhp of power and 91Nm of maximum torque. All of them get a 5-speed AMT engine, too.

But, Redi-Go has advantage. Big one. What is it?

The only significant advantage that Redi-Go has is that it uses the conventional gear shift lever for its AMT engine. Compared to that Kwid uses knob in the center console. Another thing is Redi-Go has a creep function. Kwid doesn’t have it. But, is it the only advantage?

Of course, not. Another small yet useful advantage Redi-Go has over Kwid is its gear level. It allows you to manually change the gears. Unlike Kwid, in Redi-Go has more practical function to live with especially on day to day usage. Though it’s a very small difference, it makes a huge difference to satisfy the urge of driving a manual car that you may be missing while driving an AMT, to finish that quick overtake soon.

Though Kwid has more fuel efficiency of 24 km/ltr (compared to 23 km/ltr of Redi-GO), in this engine section, Redi-Go has 3 steps ahead of its competitor.

2-2. They are on a draw.

At this moment, you may now realize that Redi-Go comes with greater engine but it cannot beat Kwids features. So, how will you decide the winner? Which car is carrying bigger value for money?


redi-go 2
Redi-Go AMT

The only advantage favoring the Kwid is the extra boot space, infotainment system, and digital instrument panel. In engine and dimensions, both cars are almost the same. Some people may spend extra money for the fancy features of Kwid easily. But, they will miss out the creep function. This function allows you to change gears manually that is available in Redi-Go. This feature might not sound important at first glance. But, actually it plays a very important role. Especially, when you are in hurry. We all know that driving in typical city traffic or commuting for work some time need to do overtake, fast. An advantage a manual transmission can provide. So, which one do you prefer? Features or functions? 

Kwid AMT 3
Kwid AMT


Because we compare the “value for money”, let’s consider the pricing factor too. As you know, the Redi-Go gets AMT option in T(O) and S variants. It’s priced from INR 3.80 lakhs making it the most affordable 1.0L AMT car here in India. This car even undercuts the Kwid AMT by a significant margin. You know, Kwid AMT starts from INR 3.98 lakhs (Delhi, ex-showroom).

At this price, you get a funky looking car offering you almost the same mileage and performance as Kwid. After considering the engines, dimensions, features, we will conclude that Redi-GO AMT has higher value for money than Kwid.

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