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Yamaha FZ25 vs Fazer 250 Comparison | Price | Specs | Mileage |

Yamaha India had launched the FZ25 i the early part of this year .  Now, it is being speculated that it is about to launch the full-fairing version of this streetnaked bike. Likely to be called as the Fazer 250, this upcoming 250cc bike from Yamaha could launch in the coming few months. The Fazer 250 will be more of a FZ25 with a fairing and therefore, is likely to be marketed as a sports-tourer. The Fazer 250 is likely to come at a competitive price point, going by the FZ25’s pricing. Though it might be a bit too early to comment, it can be said that the Fazer 250 will become a worthy contender for tourers who wish to upgrade from let’s say a Bajaj Pulsar 220. We are coming up with a comparison between the Yamaha FZ25 and the Yamaha Fazer 250 in our post here. So, lets read further for more on Yamaha FZ25 vs Fazer 250.

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Much like the international-spec Yamaha Fazer 250 seen in the above pic, the upcoming motorcycle will have a front fairing. But for the upcoming India-spec model, the fairing would be more elaborate and therefore, the Fazer 250 for India should look more sportier. This is further confirmed by the few spy images that you will see in this post.

Yamaha FZ25 vs Fazer 250 Comparison- Price

ModelPrice (ex-showroom)
Yamaha FZ25Rs 1,19,500
Yamaha Fazer 250Rs 1,30,000*


The Fazer 250 will be costlier than the FZ25 which is quite obvious. The primary reason for this would be the front fairing and possibly a slight increase in power. The FZ25 has been on sale for a price of Rs 1.19 Lakh (ex-showroom), while the Fazer 250 is likely to carry a price tag of Rs 1.30 lakh (ex-showroom). In all its likelihood , the full fairing and the re-tuned engine for  increase in power will justify the higher price.

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As seen in this image, the India-spec model will have a full-fairing

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Yamaha FZ25 vs Fazer 250 Comparison- Specifications

SpecsYamaha FZ25Yamaha Fazer 250
Engine249cc, Fuel-injected249cc, Fuel-injected
No. of Cylinders11
Max. Power20.9 PS21.5 PS*
Peak Torque20 Nm21 Nm*
Gearbox5-speed Manual5-speed Manual


When it comes to specifications, there will be very  little difference between the two bikes in question here. The Fazer 250 will be powered by the same 249cc single-cylinder engine that powers the FZ 25. Very likely, it will even have the same 5-speed Manual Transmission. Talking about the FZ, this engine pumps out a  max. power of 20.9 PS @ 8,000 RPM and a peak torque of 20 Nm at 6,000 RPM. The Fazer 250 will weigh slightly more, thanks to the addition of a fairing. A slight difference here could be that for the upcoming 250cc Fazer, Yamaha could re-tune the engine to produce slightly more power. This will also in turn compensate for the increase in weight. Regarding ABS , it  is still not sure if it would be available on the 250cc Fazer.

Yamaha FZ25 vs Fazer 250 Comparison- Mileage

MileageYamaha FZ25Yamaha Fazer 250
City33 KMPL32 KMPL
Highway38 KMPL37 KMPL

Because of the extra weight it would carry, the Fazer will offer a comparatively lower mileage.


Yamaha FZ25 vs Fazer 250 Comparison- Top Speed

Yamaha FZ25Yamaha Fazer 250
Top Speed145 KMPH147 KMPH

The front fairing and as well as the additional power should help the Fazer 250 to have a slightly higher top speed.

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Yamaha FZ25 vs Fazer 250 Comparison- Features

The Fazer 250 will carry all the features available on the FZ25. Additionally  the Fazer 250 will also offer-

  • Full Fairing
  • Fairing-mounted Rear View Mirrors
  • Twin Headlamps
  • New Handlebar
  • New Decals

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So, what are your views about the Yamaha FZ25 vs Fazer 250 comparison? Do share your thoughts via the comments section below. Stay tuned to India Autoz (indiaautoz.in) for more such comparison posts.

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